Feeling like we need this. I need this.

If you do not know what a spontaneous sparklepoints party is, it just means that we AWARD OURSELVES outrageous numbers (and non-numbers) of SPARKLEPOINTS for doing literally anything, or for not doing it.

It all counts.

Sparklepoints are just like regular points, except more sparkly and very celebratory. They come in fantastically large and sometimes unimaginable quantities. They make everything better.

For example

For example, today was Day 8 of quarantine, and so I gave myself A TRILLION sparklepoints for getting out of bed.

And then ANOTHER trillion sparklepoints for immediately going back to bed, because what even is this getting up thing, it is all too much.


An endless cascading of sparklepoints to me for, among other things:

  • going outdoors for ten minutes
  • making delicious nourishing fuel
  • convincing myself to shower even though I really didn’t want to (my instinct was right, it really did help)
  • lighting my favorite candle
  • consolidating pantry items
  • adding tinctures to my RGW (Replenishing Glass of Water)
  • staying hydrated like it’s my job (it might be my job)
  • leaving an encouraging note about how Monday means we get a a Monday Meeting, best part of my week
  • drawing a card
  • laughing into the void
  • getting out the foam roller and foam-rolling TWICE
  • posting pics to IG (lots of sky, pretty rocks, making faces, hilarious notes I leave myself everywhere)
  • watching Laura tell stories (a delight)
  • massaging hands with kava oil
  • changing the playlist
  • checking in with friends to remind them that they are talented geniuses, letting them know I’m doing an obnoxious number of morning sun salutations to support them with all possible superpowers of FORTITUDE
  • pausing to take breaths, cry, name superpowers, whatever is needed

Reminders of reminding!

Mainly I am using sparklepoints to constantly remind myself that I am a hero and a star for doing literally anything (and also for doing nothing), because these are tough scary times.

And also being in isolation/rationing is bringing up all kinds of personal stuff and ancestral stuff, and it’s a lot.

We are taking care of ourselves in the moment to the best of our ability, given the circumstances which are intense, and if that isn’t worthy of INFINITY sparklepoints, I don’t know what is.

Come share in a glorious cascading of sparklepoints with me

Use the comments to award yourself as many sparklepoints as you like and then some for absolutely anything you’ve done or not done, today or this week, anything you’re working on, wishing for, superpowers you’d like.

It’s all welcome. Here’s to companionship, safe space, experimentation, taking care of ourselves in any way we can.

Glowing extra quantities of Sanctuary & Fortitude and all the best superpowers (Room of Requirement superpowers, whatever you need) for all of us, may we feel comfort and strength and all good things in hard times and always.

More soon. For now, let’s toss sparklepoints in the air like Scrooge McDuck cavorting in piles of gold coins!


The Fluent Self