In this together

This morning I did an outrageous number (162) of undulating sun salutations that I call sundulations, for RBG, and for the collective.

And there was also a great deal long slow stretching, for the collective.

STRENGTH & AGILITY & FOCUS for the collective.

My monsters said it was a waste of time, but I reminded them that doing anything for the collective means everyone benefits. It’s fractal.

We all gain from this concentrated effort and presence.

I believe that because I choose to believe that. Or I imagine what it would be like to believe that.

For The Collective!

My friend washed her hair, like a star, which reminded me that I do not even remember how long it’s been since I’ve done that.


Another friend cleaned her porch, like a star, which reminded me that I can do some light gleaming ops for the new moon and to improve my mood.

SPARKLING & GLEAMING for the collective.

Another friend is planting seeds.

GOODNESS & HOPE for the collective.

Another friend is learning about plants.

WISDOM & DISCERNMENT for the collective.

My wise uncle is re-committing to at least three naps before lunch.


Let’s play.

Can we imagine today that everything we are doing and not-doing is serving the collective, that we are lovingly supporting each other from afar in every moment?

What qualities and superpowers are we embodying for the collective today and what do we need more of? Maybe someone else is taking care of that for us.

May we all feel the glow of companionship & community even in circumstances of worry and isolation. You are invited to share what you are up to and imagine what glorious qualities are being GLOWED FOR THE COLLECTIVE!

The Fluent Self