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Havi Bell Brooks portrait

Havi BrooksHavi Bell Brooks portrait

Writer, dancer, troublemaker, passionate liver of life (verb, not organ).

Pronunciation guide: HA-vee

What does a Havi do?

Labyrinth Walker (non-metaphorical). Cake Detective (extremely metaphorical). Panther-in-training.

Glamorous Bond Girl. Known Eccentric. Wild Sensualist.

Unapologetic about Safety First and whatever it takes to make this noisy complicated world work for when you are highly sensitive and/or somewhat witchy.

What does a Havi do here?

Director/curator of The Fluent Self since 2005. Writing about self-fluency and very interior design.

Her teaching is of the very sneaky variety — document/model/live the work of self-fluency by practicing in public. This is intentional. Anyone with a keen sense of curiosity can study through observation. This is how we subvert the rigged-game bullshit of guru culture aka putting other people on pedestals instead of remembering we have our own answers.

Accessing our own wisdom means letting go making someone else more of an expert in us than we are.

What does a Havi like?

Play. Quiet. Water. Movement. Horizon. Being under the stars.

Bells. Bridges. Secret ops! Inventing words and superpowers.

Texture, explosive color, big taste, richness of sensation. Raw silk. Heaping spoonfuls. Spice. Bare feet on grass. Old wooden doors. Freshly ground peanut butter. Roughness and edges. Anticipation.

Messiness. Order. Contradiction. Rough things that become smooth over time and smooth things that become rough over time. Whispered words. The shapes of letters. Moonstone.

What is she doing right now?

Writing, probably in the form of skipping stones. Testing out ridiculous dance moves on a balance board. Walking a labyrinth or getting lost in a kaleidoscope. Naming things. Reducing input as much as possible. Being a desert sorceress. Adding vulcan fire salt to everything.

Where do you find a Havi?

Writing here. In the comments section of posts. Half the time in southeastern Arizona. Otherwise wandering in New Mexico, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

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photo by heaven mcarthur

This magical space of ours


The Fluent Self has been here since August 2005 which means in internet years we are old as the hills and, since the very beginning, this has been a gathering-and-gravitating of thoughtful, creative, self-reflective, remarkably warm-hearted people.

I’m in awe of the welcoming space we’ve made, this sanctuary for curiosity and play.

Given that most of the internet exists somewhere between mild headache and toxic cesspool, what we’ve built here together is pretty incredible — a glowingly safe place to just be.

And maybe the only place online where it’s safe to read the comments!
A breath of appreciation for everyone who comes here and everyone who reads

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