Because it’s Friday AGAIN. And because traditions are important. In which I cover the good stuff and the hard stuff in my week, trying for the non-preachy, non-annoying side of self-reflection.

And you get to join in if you feel like it.

The hard stuff.

Stress dreams? Really?

One of the things that used to suck about my life — and stopped when I opened my own business — is stress dreams.

I’ve had amazing jobs in my life. For example, working in a grapefruit orchard. In a vineyard. In a homebrew store. As a teacher. As a bartender. As a yoga educator.

And I’ve had terrible jobs. For example, working in a factory. Milking cows at three in the morning. As an office manager. As executive assistant to a nazi CEO. As a bartender. In a toy imports company run by the Moroccan mafia. Charming.

Yes, bartender shows up in both lists. It really depends on the bar. Let’s say we’re talking dive bars in south Tel Aviv. Let’s say people throw bottles at you and stuff.

Anyway, the stress dreams happened regardless of how good or how miserable the job was. The dreams weren’t constant, but they were there.

Whether it was endless barrels of malted barley, cows stampeding across my consciousness or having to make a round of passionfruit margaritas for a bunch of brain-dead jerks …. the stress: it showed up in my dreams.


Four years without stress dreams because my job is really great. Working with clients is a blast. Leading workshops is the best thing ever. Writing: I LOVE it!

And then on Tuesday I had a stress dream. A ridiculous stress dream. Enjoy:

I’d woken up (in the dream, yes?) and realized: ohmylord, someone guest posted on the blog today. Apparently I had inadvertently arranged for the first guest post ever to happen the same day I was going to launch a new product.

Sonia Simone‘s husband, who, in my dream, is called George (but in real life is not, and at that point I didn’t even know if she had one) left a comment saying he didn’t understand the post and that I shouldn’t be confusing my readers. And then I woke up.

I kind of have nothing to say about that other than that I’m going to make some changes in parts of what I do.

Because as far as I’m concerned, having a stress dream that’s even tangentially related to a job that you madly love is a sign that something needs to shift.

Though dreaming about Sonia is pretty cool. Sonia rocks.

The good stuff

Catching up with a dear friend

My beautiful friend Michelle Marlahan — eternally amazing person and probably the best yoga teacher in northern California — was visiting from Sacramento, hooray!

We spent a whole day together, giggled like school girls, caught up on our life adventures and ate crepes. Crepes! It was pretty freaking perfect.

(Also, I’m getting kind of crepe-obsessed. If you’ve received an email from me this week that’s crepe-centric, blame Michelle.)

People use my words!

I’ve been seeing Fluent Self vocabulary (“biggification“, “stuckified“, etc) all around the internets. On Twitter, in blog posts, in email messages, in the comments — everywhere!

It is indescribably awesome to see how people are taking my invented words and running with them.

In our “non-icky self-promotion for people who hate self-promotion” course, some enterprising people even started their own practice group and called it Collective Biggification. Oh, the fabulousness! (I may even write next week about the birth of the word “biggification”… we shall see.)

The “non-icky self-promotion course rocks!

Seriously, I’m having the time of my life. The course is full of smart, funny, interesting people. The work is so much fun and so powerful … Naomi and I are still buzzing over all the amazing responses.

And … people are still signing up.

Really, really cool people. Some of whom are people we are mad fans of because they’re internet-famous (I don’t know if I’m allowed to namedrop?) and we’ve been secretly admiring them from afar for ages.

Now they’ll all be spending some time this weekend listening to the recording of the first call, reading the notes, leaving comments on the (optional) homework pages, and generally kicking non-icky self-promotion ass. Love. It.

That’s it for me ….

And yes, absolutely join in my Friday ritual if you feel like it and/or there’s something you just want to say out loud too.

Yeah? What was something good and/or hard that happened in your week?

And of course: happy weekend. Happy week to come.