So it’s been nearly three years since my discovery that my company is a semi-magical pirate ship, and I am a pirate queen.

Being a pirate queen has helped me through all sorts of business and personal challenges. Like the thing with the hackers.

Design challenges too. We now fly the Jolly Selma at the Playground.

Anyway, what follows is part of a conversation between me and the pirate queen.

Who is me. Sometimes.


Me: So I’m an idiot, because I only just realized that I am Bruce Wayne to your Batman.
Pirate queen: You mean how you do good in the world through generosity while I do good in the world through being a badass?

Me: Not even close to what I meant but ohmygod that’s so true.

Which is funny because normally I resist the word “generosity”, but you’re talking about the process of giving information, compassion and amnesty on the blog. And that kind of makes sense.

Actually, I was thinking about how I become you when certain things need to be done.

Pirate queen: And I become you when certain other things need to be done.

Me: What?!?! What’s wrong with you? Why would you want to become me? I’m a mess.
Pirate queen: *grins her knowing grin*

I don’t get it.

Me: Seriously. I don’t get it.

Pirate queen: You can’t see what you are. Batman needs Bruce Wayne to buy cool shit and care about the tools. And to be in his Bruce-ness.

Except that Bruce is not particularly self-aware. But you spend your days destuckifying and discovering. You create the culture that allows me to soar.

Me: Soar? You know about that?
Pirate queen: Honey, I was there.

Me: Right. Sorry. I forgot.
Pirate queen: The point is, you being in your full Havi-ness, radiating and humming it… that’s how you help me. It’s not like I’m the cool one and you’re the dork. That’s Superman. We both have powers. Sometimes it’s more effective to have you making decisions, and sometimes it’s more effective to have me act on them. And since we’re aspects of the same unified whole, I don’t need to finish this sentence.

Me: *giggles*

Asking for help.

Me: So I’m really in the stuck right now. As you know. Except I’m not. I’m observing myself in it and I see all the ways around this wall that is not a wall.

Pirate queen: This is about how long it’s been taking to do X, yeah?

Me: Yep! And normally what I would do is find the useful. Now is not then. Alignment. Five clews.
Pirate queen: And this doesn’t count as normally?

Me: I need your help.
Pirate queen: Let’s use our pirate ship as a proxy. So we’re here on the ship and we thought it would take us five days to arrive at the hidden island. But it’s been two weeks and we’re not there yet. Even though you can see it from the crow’s nest.

The hidden island.

Me: Ahhhh, the hidden island. In all this frustration over things taking longer than expected, I forgot about the marvelous magical place we’re going.
Pirate queen: And what do we know about that?

Me: Everything is about entry. Conscious entry. Preparing for the voyage. Enter as you wish to be in it.

Of course! It’s taking longer because I need more time for entry. That’s the useful part that I couldn’t find. It’s useful because I need this time to release the things I can’t bring with me to the hidden island.

Pirate queen: See what I mean? It’s so great being you because you process things so quickly. It’s all the Shiva Nata.

Me: Okay, so if I want us to get to the hidden island, I need to be the version of me who is ready to be on the hidden island this time. I need to let go of the rules, projections, narratives and expectations that don’t belong there.
Pirate queen: Do what needs to be done and I’ll head the ship where she needs to go.

We both sing: “And we’ll point her nose for the southernmost star, and we’re bound for the Hidden Island! Away, Bullies, away….”

Let go. Switch. Exit and enter.

Me: First let’s return everyone else’s expectations to them. Everyone’s ideas of what needs to happen or how things should be. The things they project onto me. The things they desire from me that they really desire from themselves but put onto me because they don’t know how to take care of themselves. Giving it all back.

Pirate queen: Nice. Now there’s some wind in our sails.

Me: If there is anything on this ship that is not harmonious and congruent with our mission, it needs to be released or transformed. Immediately.
Pirate queen: That’s what I’m talking about, babe. This is the stuff you’re good at.

Me: Is there anything here that’s not from now? Anything reminding me of then? Here’s the deal. THIS IS NOW. This ship is only equipped to carry things from now. So we can make safe rooms for scared, hurt selves from then. But we are coming into NOW. This ship is powered by presence and by present time.
Pirate queen: Yes yes yes yes yes.

Me: We’re going to enter as we wish to be in it. The Hidden Islands need us to to be sovereign, strong, conscious, curious, loving, playful, courageous, light-hearted and peace-filled.
Pirate queen: Say it and we become it.

Me: We are ready.
Pirate queen: We are ready.

Exit and entry, again.

Me: So what happens now?
Pirate queen: Whatever you want.

Me: What do you mean?
Pirate queen: I’m taking us to the hidden islands. You’re going to tell people about the parts you can tell them about. And get us some more tools.

Me: That’s it?
Pirate queen: That’s EVERYTHING. Thank you for helping.

Me: Wait, so I come to you for help and end up helping you?
Pirate queen: Us.

Me: I still don’t know what to do.
Pirate queen: It doesn’t matter what you do. It matters that now we’re ready. Go eat breakfast, dance it up and find the most fun way to do just one thing. I know what to do with the wind.

Play with me. The commenting blanket fort.

Everyone has stuff. We’re all working on our stuff. Or playing with it. It’s a process.

We make room for people to have their own experience by not telling each other what to do or how to feel.

If you would like to return other people’s expectations, try it. It’s fun!

If you’d like to interview an aspect of yourself, or find out what you know, that’s welcome too.

I would also love hand-on-heart sighs or some singing of sea-shanties.

Also, does this make Barrington my Alfred Pennyworth? Far out.

Love to all the commenter mice, the Beloved Lurkers and everyone who reads.

And! For more practicing of conscious entry, see the Art of Embarking. The prerequisite for everything I’m teaching this coming year. Still at Plum Duff prices for another week or so.

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