When things aren’t working, even the tiniest time-out = magic.

Yesterday things were very much not working, so I ended up making a list of the various ways available to me when I need to push the reset button.

Here it is.

Reset! Let’s see. You could…

  1. Take a shower.
  2. Go outside.
  3. Go for a walk.
  4. Walk backwards!
  5. Do something widdershins!
  6. Smell a flower…
  7. Take a nap.
  8. Hide under the blankets.
  9. Turn your closet into a temporary refueling station.
  10. Sing a song. Louder!
  11. Ask: how much of this fear/discomfort/pain belongs to me?
  12. Ask: how much of this fear/discomfort/pain is from now?
  13. Use a magical spray.
  14. Do a mudra.
  15. Use an acupressure technique (like EFT or TAT or any use of pressure points).
  16. Hum.
  17. Chant.
  18. Sing sea shanties and pretend you’re on a voyage.
  19. Roll on the floor hugging your knees.
  20. Yawn and yawn and yawns until you cry.
  21. Do an old Turkish lady stretch.
  22. Listen to one of your Emergency Calming The Hell Down recordings.
  23. Consult the Book of You.
  24. Talk to the monsters who say that you can’t stop.
  25. Let a negotiator talk to the fear that says things are never going to get better.
  26. Scribble with crayons or magic markers.
  27. Color with the monster coloring book (extra sneaky!).
  28. Ask slightly future you how she resolved this one.
  29. Use any of the grounding and centering techniques from Hiro‘s amazing Healing Internet Hangover course.
  30. Count backwards from 25.
  31. Strengthen your force field. Whoosh!
  32. Do simple Shiva Nata spirals.
  33. Run any Shiva Nata pattern or algorithm through your head. 3-2, 4-3, 1-4, 2-1!
  34. Find out why now is different from then.
  35. Use the alignment technique.
  36. Find out what is useful about being stuck right now.
  37. Invoke your superpowers — like Joseph.
  38. Write a Dr. Seuss rhyme about how much everything sucks.
  39. Yell TIME OUT!
  40. Take ten long deep breaths.
  41. Sama vritti pranayama is when the inhale and exhale are equal. Do that.
  42. Do ten silent screams (it helps to stop and take a breath or two between each one).
  43. Do the puppy paws. Pause. Paws!
  44. Be upside down.
  45. Find out what you’d tell the person you loved most if she/he was in your situation.
  46. Ask what brilliant support you’d give to a client who needed a reset button.
  47. Listen to a yoga nidra recording.
  48. Have a good cry for 15 minutes.
  49. Build a safe room in your mind.
  50. Build a safe room in your past.
  51. Run away! Just for now.
  52. Turn up the music and dance dance dance.
  53. Decide on a theme song.
  54. What Would Someone Fabulous Do?
  55. What Would The Wise And Compassionate Version Of You Do?
  56. Touch the floor.
  57. Do some stone skipping.
  58. Declare silent retreat!
  59. Take notes on what got you here so that you can change the pattern next time.
  60. Do something sweet for someone else.
  61. Blow bubbles!
  62. Whisper a secret to a tree.
  63. Make a gwish!
  64. Rub circles on the soles of your feet.
  65. Write magic words on the palms of your hands.
  66. Give yourself permission to be in the hard and in the stuck. Or to not want to be there.
  67. Put on a costume.
  68. Strike a pose.
  69. Talk about how much everything sucks but in a Groucho Marx voice. Or with your best Australian accent. Unless you’re Australian.
  70. Hop on one foot and be a bad-tempered one-legged pirate.
  71. One hand on your heart.
  72. Look for ten things that are blue.
  73. Name everything you see.
  74. Say I am here now.

Notes. And comment zen for today

As always, we invoke the “people vary” principle. This is my list of what might work for me.

Whatever doesn’t work for you can be ignored. Whatever *does* work for you can go straight into the Book of You.
It often helps to have your top three or four in mind (top of the toolbag!)

We all have our stuff. We’re all working on our stuff. We make room for people to have their own experience and that’s why we don’t tell each other what to do.

If you want to add other things that go on your personal list of ways to press the reset button, go for it.

Love to the commenter mice, the Beloved Lurkers and everyone who reads.

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