The time has come to practice Wild Self-Treasuring.

And to practice it more, with decisiveness and clarity…

The time has come to wildly treasure ourselves with more
intention and commitment than we ever have before,
with more of ourselves and more of our selves,
not just because these are especially challenging times,
though also that, yes

Hello, Incoming Me who is also Slightly Wiser and More Compassionate Me
as well as the me who excels at Wild Self-Treasuring,
I cannot wait until we are best friends, to integrate-and-embody your superpowers!

Reasons aka a breath for whatever brought us here…

Whatever reasons bring you to this moment, this YES to
our practice of practicing,
I want you to know that I love you and I love your reasons,
the hidden ones and the clear ones.
all of it

For me, this Wild Self-Treasuring is the next indicated step

Maybe even the only step, or at the very least the next step
and the next one after that, yes, this is our work:

Practicing-and-treasuring until we embody this without question,
automatically and unapologetically
strong and clear in our power and our grace,
our unwavering clarity of self-assurance,
full prowess, full glow
{let’s play}


Wild Self-Treasuring is trusting our wise selves, listening deeper,
breathing love, being a clear channel for
curiosity and sweetness, wonder and awe

Kissing our palms and placing them on our cheeks,
softening into heart-home, glowing the candle that lives there,
being the resonant bell in the bell-tower home of the body,
breathing our way home

Breathing expansiveness, glowing our boundaries,
treasuring what we know about ourselves,
honoring that seriously hard-earned wisdom and this experience of
being in the body that we are in, right now,
in its strengths and limitations, real and perceived

How though?

By adding love/appreciation/acceptance and then even more than that,
treasuring ourselves when we can’t do this,
and treasuring ourselves when we can,
aka working with what we have, to the degree that we can,
and making room for the fact that sometimes we can’t

Is this or can this be hard? Oh good god yes!

This whole love thing, internally-directed, powerfully expressed,
is kind of a big deal,
and all of what we are doing here goes against culture;
most of us were not raised to
unabashedly treasure ourselves, haha understatement!

Part of Wild Self-Treasuring is dismantling that previous training

We can do this with love too, plus the healing balm of acknowledgment & legitimacy

Some of us have entire monster committees dedicated to sabotaging this
lest we be punished for perceived vanity and kicked out of the tribe,
so the work of learning to be secret agents of Wild Self Treasuring,
this is not always easy, though definitely valuable,
not to mention meaningful and hugely transformative…

And so we practice…

And, sometimes, even after doing all this internal work,
we can still have moments (I do, for sure!)
when it’s hard enough just to even be around ourselves
never mind like ourselves never mind love ourselves
never mind CHERISH ourselves with Wild Self-Treasuring,
that’s all normal and understandable

Still, Wild Self-Treasuring is the ultimate practice in undoing distortion, so let’s do this…

Fourteen days of Wild Self-Treasuring

You probably know how I work by now. Indirectly.

We play at the edges. We live by wax on wax off and Safety First.

We sneak our way into solutions, playfully, with love, magic and a ton of practical technique.

Private intentional communal space for exploration and passage.

I have put together lovely safe space (private hidden page on the site) for people who want to hang out online February 12-26 and play and explore together and many fun things…

Many fun things?

Ha, yes, many things, not limited to but definitely including oh for example, we could REWRITE & TRANSFORM the dreaded (for me, at least!) day that rhymes with Casino-Royalentines Day.

Casino-Royalentines Day! Eerie-Canalentines Day? Bachannalentines Day!

Chaparralentines Day! Rationalentines Day! Blaise-Pascalentines Day! Haha this is fun, I could do this all day, and I might. Seriously though, why is Casino-Royalentines Day not a thing, let us make it a thing!

I will dress up as a Bond Girl and be a TFB (Total Fucking Badass) and devote a day to celebrating my relationship with myself, and you are welcome to join me in this — or in your own version of re-imagining this day!

More about what we will be doing!

In this space I will be sharing various capers, with some new ones, this is my code word for “exercises” since exercises do not sound fun to me, these capers are self-fluency techniques or approaches we can apply to help us with whatever we are working on during this time.

How I am using this.

For me this is time and space to dive deeper into discerning what will support me and my missions of 2018, what will help me in this Becoming, interview Incoming Me: who is this sweet-someone who wildly treasures herself?

I am ready to investigate what it means to be someone who always takes exquisite care of herself and does not ever agree to unsovereign bullshit, whether out in the world or in my own headspace.

For you! And for us, all together.

For you this can be for what you need, wish for, or feel drawn to journal or explore, a refuge of safe space and container of time in which to ease anything that needs easing and investigate anything that needs investigating.

This space will be our Room of Requirement, taking the shape we need for this mission.

Who is invited?

Anyone who craves companionship + space to explore and integrate the version of us who knows how to:
a) practice extreme self-care and wild self-treasuring
b) give ourselves what we need (which might include making it through the month in one piece!)
c) lovingly invite/initiate shifts in awareness, mood, body, internal and external space


I know we are all so busy, so please know that if things are bonkers for you right now,
it is more than okay if you prefer use this more as a refuge, a place to
pause, breathe, gather your powers, plant seeds,
and it doesn’t matter if you are able to join us in deeper explorations
because there will be enough treasure for all of us

the fractal flowers will be working under the surface,
whatever insights and healing emerge from this space will benefit us all, I can feel it!

cost: Early bird $45 / $65 day of entry


Solution of Salves - The Fluent Self

A Solution of Salves is an ebook collection of {magic in the form of words}, featuring ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-NINE SALVES designed to make you feel at least 94% better about everything in your life, bring in ease and perspective, and fall slightly more in love with yourself.

Use these salves as inspiration to invent your own, as a way of endlessly cherishing yourself through giving yourself what you need in the moment you need it!

If you are joining us for these two weeks of Wild Self-Treasuring, you can add it for $20 instead of $45.

*Note! If you’ve already signed up for the 2018 Secret Star Society or The 108, then do NOT get this because we are sending it to you as a gift!

I hope we get to play here, however if now is not the right time for this, I am breathing love for you + trust in all is well!

all the small-printables

  1. When buying things online, we can get sucked into the broader-culture mindset that wants to sell us on frantic decisions, all that pressure is not joyful, so let’s not do that. Let’s do the *opposite*, pause and breathe, change the experience, tune into meaning. Can we breathe our way to a quiet warm yes that is grounded in love for ourselves and our incoming selves! This feels more harmonious and sustainable to me, and I hope less stressful for you.
  2. We don’t offer refunds or returns, there’s a heart-based thought process behind that which you’re welcome to read about if this interests you.
  3. Everything we offer is brought into the world with so much love, from my process to writing, editing and compiling, to Richard’s gorgeous design work and all the behind the scenes work. I love that you want to be a part of this work too, sales (sails!) like this allow me to keep writing and sharing, thank you.


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