Hey, I know you from Twitter.

Twitter is my favorite bar. Hi!

I’m Havi. Pronounce that as if you are British and think my name is actually Harvey.

Twitter is my local pub. I go there to hang out, play, complain, goof off.

Despite people thinking I’m some motivational expert, that’s the most depressing thing in the entire world not what I’m like. Sometimes I will say highly inappropriate things or make terrible puns. Possibly both at the same time. I aspire to non-inspirational.

I’ll talk to just about anyone. I also don’t love to flood the stream. So if I don’t respond to something, it’s not that the thing you said wasn’t interesting, just the flow at that given time.

I get asked to promote stuff a lot, and that’s not something I can do. If I post a link or non-ironically recommend something, I genuinely love it. I don’t use Twitter to talk up my products.

On my blog, I write about my life, mindfulness, play, getting shit done but making it fun, talking to walls.

The duck is Selma, the secret word is kazoo, I love to dance. You’d think being a non-speaking person would help with brevity. Not yet. For more about me there’s always the blog, if I’m not at the pub, I’m probably there…

*blows kiss*

The Fluent Self