Change your setting / Center at the center:

Change your setting / Center at the center:

the retreat at stargazer house

Come to the most peaceful place I know

Come because it is indicated,
and because it is good and useful to just be;
experience what happens when you do this in an extraordinary setting,
the healing in the pause,
no agenda other than show up,
be called, be here, [breathe & exist] in a state of awe,
held by the magic of PLACE

This magnificence will be your view

This roundness as your sanctuary + observatory,
come take steadying breaths beneath a wild canopy of stars, sing to the mountains in the distance if you like, follow whichever paths call to you — on the grounds and within you…

Return to yourself


Re-start from resonance;
rededicate yourself to your own
heart of sweetness, and let yourself rediscover
[that quiet pull of half-forgotten desire]
in these endless Arizona skies

Come for this

This is a place of sanctuary & magnificence,
of wild clarity & creative play
and it has been called into existence
for you & us
& this

It is a magical space in many senses, but especially this:

The center is not here all the time, not open at all times, instead it opens and closes for you, opening like a flower, blossoming for the time you are called here, a center that exists to support your return to center, does that make sense? Maybe. Maybe it is just a clue, and maybe a clue is enough. Let’s see if I can show you…

Come if it calls you
and come if it scares you
(I get it: same!)

nothing less than
breath-takingly glorious
& spectacular here…


As you may have gathered from the photos, the location of the Secret Center aka Stargazer is devastatingly beautiful. We have five private acres to wander. Enjoy gloriously uninterrupted forever-views of desert, mountains and Arizona skies. You can also walk any roads and trails in the area — definitely bring closed-toe shoes/boots and long pants because THIS IS THE DESERT, and lots of it is prickly and/or poisonous! You’ll see giant butterflies, bunnies with impossibly fluffy tails. You might meet our charming roadrunner friend who hangs out on the deck. Sometimes at night you might hear coyotes or javalina.

* I’m available as walking/adventuring companion/ally as energy allows.

With a heart-breath for honor and clarity, I want to name and acknowledge: this is the native land of the Tohono O’odham Nation, the original stewards of this special part of the earth. May all we do on these grounds support justice, healing, truth + consciousness here and beyond.

Your Quarters!

You will be staying in the Compass Suite (of Encompassing!) which has a private entrance.

Breathtaking sunrise views from the picture window (or draw the curtains and sleep in), a beautiful deck, two closets, huge bathroom, giant tub.

Room includes bed, desk, chair, mini fridge, lots of books. And a snoogle aka the comfiest snuggliest spiraling cushion for cocooning.

The space has been equipped with minimal screens in mind, no tv, clocks, etc. Though of course plenty of outlets to charge devices you bring with you.

Potentially useful intel about your space!

  • Walking from driveway to your door takes me 25 steps, relatively flat ground with a slight slope, expect small stones and such because desert
  • One step up to your door: 3.5 inches high (9cm)
  • Door dimensions: main door is 2ft wide (61cm), sliding door to ensuite bathroom 34″ (86cm) fully opened
  • Shower/bath: tub height is 20″ (50cm), tub is huge: 56x36″ (142x91cm)
  • Queen-sized Tuft & Needle Mint mattress (omg so comfy!), bed frame supports 2000lbs (907 kg)
  • The suite comes with desk & chair
  • Bed linens are jersey cotton (cotton-tencel blend), turkish towels are supima cotton, a down duvet, additional wool blankets
  • We aim to keep the center pet-allergen and chemical free, linens are air-dried, we clean with natural materials: Dr Bronner’s castile soap, baking soda, vinegar, essential oils
  • Bathroom set-up: towels, soap, bar shampoo, toilet paper, bath salts
  • Access to main space/yoga studio from outside: two steps (each 8″ high) and a 2″ step at the door, or come via the back deck for just one step!

Food preferences joyfully accommodated!

Here’s how this works! The kitchen at the center is stocked full of ingredients and snacks, help yourself to absolutely anything there. We’ll have you fill out a form to get a sense for your needs and preferences.

I LOVE to make giant piles of food and feed everyone, of course whenever I’m making a meal or a snack, you are welcome to partake, or eat leftovers later or whatever you like. Keep me company or not, eat in the studio, on the deck, in your suite, whatever feels indicated, it all works for me.

You may also use the kitchen to make food if you are also someone who likes to make things. There’s a fridge in your room if you’d rather snack there.

Generally I make a giant breakfast after I do morning yoga, and you can join me for either or both or not at all, as you like, and then I like lots of snacks or little meals during the day. I’m often not a dinner person, but there are usually bowls of delicious leftovers in the fridge (if not, I am usually happy to whip up something delicious), help yourself to anything!

We can easily coordinate a grocery run to coincide with your arrival or next morning; tag along, acquire any provisions you want to have for your stay.

Help yourself to coffe or tea whenever, and if you want a cocktail or mocktail for enhanced sunset-watching joy, I do have all those years of bartending…


The center is located just half an hour away from Tucson International Airport (TUS) by car, about $30 USD to Lyft/Uber. Direct connections to 22 airports, one-stop connections to > 345 cities worldwide.

If you come for the eight day option, we can do a Field Trip Day if we’re feeling it. Short hike somewhere beautiful, maybe a day trip to Tubac (chocolate shop!) or Arivaca (bird watching refuge!)

Should you rent a car?

Depends on your ratio of desire to be a happy hermit out under the stars vs freedom to wander. Tucson proper is about 45 minutes away by car so not exactly civilization-adjacent, though the three most vital aspects of civilization (supermarket, pharmacy + good tacos!) are within a ten minute drive, and, included with all retreat options is transportation for one grocery/taco run.

Your view
from the yoga

(What is this retreat for? Whatever you need it to be!)

Your solo retreat can take any of the following shapes, or something new, whatever is needed…


Arrive with no project at all other than giving yourself this container of designated time/space/magic for recovery. This is your reset button. Come read, nap, journal, devote yourself to doing lots of Glorious Nothing in a truly spectacular setting.

While workaholic culture doesn’t get this (spoiler: it doesn’t want us to get it!), the pursuit of Glorious Nothing is some seriously powerful shit. Huge unanticipated magic is set in motion through replenishing. It’s astounding how much is revealed and solved through this intentional not-doing.


Time for writing (and righting!), your art, a secret project, or a business retreat that’s just you and your business. Immerse in dedicated time-space for the you who creates and dreams. Commune with your project, follow the sparks, surprise yourself, make giant progress on whatever wants your loving attention.


Integration time with Incoming You or a version of you who embodies qualities you want: issue the invitation and then get to know each other. I’ll share more on the blog about how I like to chrysalis.


Maybe you don’t know yet why you need to come here, it will be clear when you arrive or maybe as you are leaving. Maybe it’s a heart-healing, an emptying and releasing, a welcoming, possibly a project or identity so secret that it can’t even be whispered yet. Come for the good surprises and to follow the rabbit holes!

Consider this your invitation: come!

Come to the roundness,
come read, nap, write things and/or right things(!),
take a long bath,
have a good cry and an even better laugh,
commune with Incoming You
and devote time, space, love and attention to a project,
(maybe even the project of finding out why you needed to come here…)

Your project can be recovery or discovery or BOTH,
internal or external or BOTH,
and you certainly don’t need to know what it is,
because this is where you will be able to soak up enough peace & quiet to
receive the next piece, the next indicated steps…


Come to this wild magical place of peacefulness & wonder
and discover what happens,
because whatever happens, you WILL leave transformed
(in a good way, promise).


And yes there’s at least two double meanings in that: setting and setting, center and center

stargazing: ready to retreat!

What you get in all options:

Time & space to be in this incredible setting and discover what you are here to discover! Deep replenishing! Wild epiphanies! A gorgeous suite all to yourself with giant bathtub! Lots of delicious food! One grocery run for provisions!

Use the magical yoga studio space in any way you wish — roll around on the floor, play, or just watch the clouds through the magnificent skylight — this absolutely counts as yoga in my book…

Your retreat also comes with helpful support in the form of stone skipping questions (that’s what I call journaling prompts), my monster manual, my emergency calm techniques, a rallying booklet with all sorts of good tricks to try if you get stuck. Oh, and piles of books. You’re may also borrow any books during your stay from the Vortexbrary.

And if you want someone to join you on walks or co-work on our projects in the main space, share a meal, go on a grocery run, embark on a field trip day, I’m available as an ally in adventures and presence.

And we are currently working on the Maya Angelou upgrade: your room will comes with her preferred writing ritual necessities: playing cards, legal pad, bible translations, thesaurus! Sherry if you want it. We got a little creative with [bible] so it might include the bhagavad gita or the koran but really we have everything!

onward to pleasure: are you ready to retreat?

Most people come for either a three night stay or a seven night stay, however we can arrange other options if needed. In my experience, three nights is a good starting container for a transformative experience, if you have more time, even better.

Currently booking Winter/Spring 2020 in conjunction with sets of sessions. Past clients and rally/retreat alumni have dibs but I’ll send out an announcement when we have more openings! You’re on the list, right? If not, you can sign up here…

Want updates when there are new products, events & offerings?
Get on the Very Occasional List of Announcements. We will never share your intel!

Dates are first come first served, and GOING FAST, but we want to accomodate what works for you. When you sign up you’ll get to tell us the dates you want!

Contact us if you need payment options – we can do a deposit with a pay-in-full date, or set up four payments spread out over eight months.

This year we are only offering solo retreats (no groups). There’s a limited number of retreats, and limited wild upgrade options, in the interest of maintaining focus + bandwidth (aka spoon-preservation!), so if this is a yes for you, definitely jump on it.

beauty is healing /
all is revealed in
the quiet moments

A postscript in which I say fuck and also cry,
but not in a bad way

Literally every time I come here I find myself just gasping at how stunning the sky is, like come the fuck on, are you fucking kidding me with how beautiful it is here, how is this even possible!

And then I cry a little, and then somehow I feel better about everything, this wild beauty is transformative and healing in ways that I cannot begin to describe, what an honor to be able to play here together in whatever time is right.

Come give it all to the mountains
and the vast sea of sky
Come be held in this round space
(ground downward / look up)
let this place work its magic
a portal for something new and good to come through

all the small-printables (and the superpowers of trust, love, all timing right timing)

When we invest time/money/energy in the process of BECOMING, integrating our incoming selves, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, because guess what, inviting change is a big deal and kind of terrifying, all the more so when this change is deeply desired. Add monster-fears and the online culture of frantic decision-making, and the whole thing gets very not fun very fast. LET’S NOT DO THAT. :) Let’s do the opposite: aka pause and breathe, change the experience, attune to ourselves, back to resonance. Let’s find our way to that quiet warm yes, grounded in love for ourselves and our process. This feels more harmonious and sustainable as well as less stressful!

You are committing to this container of time/space/love/presence for doing the work, whatever it is (might be deep resting!), and we are dedicated to supporting your commitment in all ways including not letting you run away from it. This is the heart-based thought process behind our policy of no returns/refunds, which you’re welcome to read about if it interests you. That said, we’re all humans going through life’s tribulations, so if something big comes up and you need to switch your dates, talk to us, we will do our best to figure out a new booking for you.

Please keep in mind when booking your dates that this space will be opening specifically for you to come *be* in it at that time, and I’m committing to showing up at the same time, so that’s a lot of logistics already in place to hold your process. In other words, the work of selecting dates, like everything else about this, needs to happen with clarity and intention!

Giving back: Our main donation focus currently is helping asylum seekers who are trying to get into the United States, and organizations helping separated families at the border, we will be giving to Raices Texas and Paola Mendoza’s actions. Every six months we donate a retreat to a writer/artist/activist whose work inspires us, as a thank you, and so they too can rest, replenish + experience the healing magic and creative regeneration of this place.

{and I close this page as always with great love + gratitude for you, can’t wait to play together when the time is right}

Closing with breath, and with great love + gratitude for you, can’t wait to play together when the time is right!