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The Agency of Agency

The time has come to convene the secret Agency of Agency, where we are all star agents on our own missions.

Some things I know about my mission…

And maybe this will give you ideas about how it might intersect with yours!

  • Self-Fluency and Wild Self-Treasuring! Training in these skills like amazons, on our own and in companionship!
  • What do I want to impart? A legacy of Self-Fluency: wisdom, principles, tools and approach.
  • How do we distill this to live by it full-time and carry the work forward? Who is ready to train?!
  • Let’s cast our spells from the inside-out and the outside-in, let’s conjure big wild magic together!
  • It is very clear the time has come for increased glow power, for us to glow more effortlessly and more powerfully. I’m ready to do my part. Courage Is Coming, a revolution powered by our sparks.

What’s the (Secret) Agency of Agency?

The Agency is a metaphor for the work (and play!) that happens when we join forces.

We join forces because working in companionship mutually enhances our superpowers, the sheer force our combined glow power is so much stronger than what we could do on our own. And we focus that magic on whatever you are currently working on.

We live by self-fluency, always returning to the roots of self-fluency.

We come together to do the work-in-the-form-of-play, and practice living out the principles of Agency, Crown On.

We shift our worlds (internal worlds + world around us) through diving into our relationship with ourselves.

And our selves.

{fluent self meets fluent world?}

We experiment with the idea that showing up with way the fuck stronger force fields and compasses will change our interactions with the world around us, changing our world and the world. Inner world(s) and outer world.

Maybe even parallel worlds? If imagining that is exciting to you, then run with it! If it feels impossible or irrelevant, let it go…

Inner world changes rippling out into outer worlds

In this sense, self-work is also a form of hexing the patriarchy and all existing hierarchies because changing our patterns shifts things around us until the ripple effect is SO POWERFUL that external culture has no choice but to rise to meet it.

* This internal work is obviously not a replacement for burning shit down and protest, and all the big and ongoing work of dismantling racism and misogyny and hatred that we find in us and around us, in our worlds and out in the world, this work is accompaniment and support for that work.

Again, we live by self-fluency, always returning to the roots of self-fluency…

Returning to the roots of self-fluency & very interior design.

We can rewrite the habit-patterns of body and mind (and body-mind) from an approach of compassion and sweetness, righting and rewriting our way back to ourselves.

People Vary, which means there’s no such thing as One Right Way. We use principles of self-fluency and very interior design to figure out a) how we function and b) what we need to thrive. Then use that intel to select the techniques that can help us most in a given moment.

We can use the principles of language (self-study, invention, wordplay and metaphor!) to better understand ourselves, and we can use the elements of voyages and adventuring to map our internal worlds and discover entirely new places of self-knowledge, self-study, self-love and self-treasuring.

We live by the rule of Safety First!
We don’t have to go straight into the pain because we know we heal from the edges. We can always find a more playful approach to solving a mystery, using the sneakiest workarounds, in disguise! We call in powerful shifts without ever needing to force them or directly confront anything scary head on.

(This is extra subversive because it goes against a principle our culture practically worships: the idea that hardships must be faced and fought to be resolved, which is EXTREME NONSENSE!)

Nope! We can be sneaky and playful, powerful and intentional, choosing to courageously Not Face Those Things Head On, instead we drain their power and let them transform. We can make peace with all parts of ourselves, exploring our internal territories in non-terrifying ways.

And the point that needs the strongest emphasis: I am not important.

No one needs me / This work is not about me
Seriouly, perpetual middle finger (fake band!) to guru culture and all related forms of unsovereign bullshit that elevate external process over internal wisdom.

And: Not only do I not have all the answers, I don’t work with people who think I’m their answer or that I have their answers, which means I don’t work with most people.

That’s because it already requires self-fluency to get that a) I am not the Keeper of All The Answers and b) pedestal-ing people is unsovereign bullshit. I am here to partner with fellow Agents in this work: we play as equals.

I have my answers that work for me, and am happy to share process, methodology, techniques etc, but I am not married to any of these, and definitely don’t need you to use any of it unless you want to! Whatever you uncover for yourself will be more meaningful/powerful than anything I could give.

Let’s set the rest on fire!

Let’s set fire to the notion that anyone could be wiser about us than our own wise selves, let’s get quiet and remember how to hear-and-channel our own witchy wild knowing.

Self-fluency and Very Interior Design are ways to learn, explore and play, to be conscious, curious, awake and alive as we learn about who-and-how we are in the world, how we want to show up, how to initiate change with love.

We practice self-fluency to live by it (always ongoing, always in practice, always integrating).

Let’s do more of that!

An Deliciously Simple offering of [magic]

In the form of sets of five (5!) SECRET ASSIGNATIONS (SESSIONS) WITH ME, which can also be combined with retreat time at the center.

Rendezvous with me!

I love the word rendezvous because it implies that we are both moving towards a shared (symbolic) location in space-time for a shared spark-filled purpose! EXCITMENT FOR THIS MOMENT OF MEETING!

The secret agents I work with generally choose one of the following themes for a set of sessions:

+ Integrate an Incoming
We figure out how to connect with the you of the most desired/elusive superpowers, and integrate their qualities! Then we design a game plan so you can continue to be the clearest channel of Incoming You and embody these aspects of yourself fully and joyfully!

+ The Iguana Liberation Front
We come up with a system that works for you so we can knock scary things off your list in a way that is doable, sustainable and maybe even fun?! And then we knock stuff off the list together, yay!

+ Solve A Body Mystery (Or come up with amazing coping strategies!)
We talk to your body and wisest selves, and use that intel to run a grand experiment applying techniques on all levels until we figure out exactly what is useful and what isn’t.

We solve things that we didn’t even know needed solving, and everything that comes up in this adventure can be used for all future secret ops, body-related and otherwise.

* Just a note that I don’t do anything “weight-loss” related because that entire concept is part of the rigged game bullshit and general disordered eating mindset of the muggle world, but yes to wild-self-treasuring and cherishing the body that is, and learning more about what it is trying to communicate!

How it works

These secret assignations happen by phone, sometimes with a shared google doc if that is something we want, and they can also happen in person if you are combining them with retreat time! We can get as creative with the form as is needed.


I am reachable by text/email for the duration of our time working together, so that we can share insights, sparks, clues and exclamation points as we do the work.

I don’t problem-solve for you because you are your own wise genius who can answer your own questions, but I am absolutely there as a fellow agent and companion to bounce ideas off of and share process. We can call in superpowers, conjure solutions, make play date plans for the monsters, and magic up whatever is needed.

Some notes on rendezvous time!

  1. Of course you can use our time for whatever comes up eg Enhanced Witchery, Solving A Mystery, Rewriting A Pattern, Stronger Force Fields in Daily Life, Establishing A New Habit, Becoming a clearer channel for wiser you, Extreme Self Care Strategies, General Witchery, Generating solutions for something stuck.
  2. A rendezvous is up to an hour, sometimes a bit less if we magic things up to such an extent that one or both of us is cooked. We both do substantial entry and exit on our own time.
  3. Generally I recommend 3 weeks post-rendezvous to process and integrate, though you might like to meet weekly for Iguana Liberation Front sessions.
  4. We do so much entry to prepare for being able to rendezvous together, my prep work and any materials I send your way to support this are included in the package.

{conditio sine qua non / essential qualifications}

You know how to do entry and exit for our meetings.

The form is up to you and doesn’t need to involve my techniques, that’s not important.

I just need you to bring your wisest self to the forefront and do whatever it is that helps you move into presence and readiness in preparation for this shared interaction.

We meet as equals.

My expectation is that if you are doing this work, you are able to approach as equals, crown on.

You know I’m not your answer, you get that we are engaging in this as wild playmates each with our own power and wisdom.

If you have stories about how I am more X than you, or you worry that you are not enough Y, you can recognize a monster story and apply Self Fluency (skip a stone on it? alignment exercise?) to work through that shit on your own.

Similarly if for any reason your stuff comes up in the context of our play together, you are able to stay with Wise You and trust my good heart and intentions, and work it out easily on your own using alignment, or if needed, we figure it out easily with compassionate communication. I will always work on what is mine, you work on what is yours.

You are able to PROXY and play with metaphors!

I can be a companion in the process of inventing a cover story, but trusting the process is a big deal because so much of what we will do will be deep on the level of wax on wax off aka the purpose will not be immediately apparent until the results suddenly are.

You have your own compass, you do your own work.

Of course I can offer ideas and support for this, but I also assume you’re already working with qualities that currently speak to you before we start playing together.

I really am here for whatever you need, and can negotiate monsters with you or whatever is needed, and my expectation is that you are already someone who is focused on knowing yourself deeply.

If you don’t meet these criteria yet, and that’s not just a monster-perception, no worries, these are wonderful things to work on in life (in general, not just for working with me!), and I suggest some devoted time to self-study, maybe reading as many blog posts as possible, and I will also try to post more about the [how] of these skills! All timing right timing! Love more trust more! We’ve got this, babe, I promise.

The part about LOVE

Everything I offer is offered with enormous care and love. And I love ghat you are doing this work with me and on your own, I trust you and your wise heart and the magic of right timing.

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