Operation Follow The Clues

Hi sweet friend.

A brief love letter in which you will find:
an extremely sparkly love-filled offering, here we go…


There is some writing Iโ€™m feeling INTENSELY called to share on the blog,
related to Self-Fluency, Very Interior Design and how we rewrite habits & patterns, not to mention the ongoing practices of Wild Self-Treasuring,
and how we approach that complex subject, given the extra-challenging times
in the world outside, and how being of the world affects our internal spaces.  

My giant secret-wish is to create a 
comprehensive training in Self Fluency,
so we can all be secret agents of this work, 
secret agents who practice Agency (!)
in our lives and out in the world (!!!)

For now, I want to begin with some exploration into these topics with you,
because this is what feels most right.

I am inviting you to join me in a mission, if you can!


I am seeking 108 Secret Agents (or more!) to join in this mission,
which we are calling Operation Follow The Clues.
If we gather together for this,
I will devote the upcoming four months to 
Passionately Writing My Heart Out 
for you on these topics!


Okay so actually when I say I will write For You, I mean for EVERYONE, 
for all of us, in community, because I will post (almost) all the material on the blog. 

HOWEVER! We do have some *bonuses* (extra sparkly!) for The 108…



If you become one of the 108 Agents, you get to submit four suggestions
for [any topics you’d like me to cover or play with or spark from!]

Bonus the Second: EBOOK COLLECTION

You will also receive an ebook collection of all the treasure
emerging from this period of writing & righting! 

AND! EXTRA BONUS if you join the 108 by November 19th!

Do you remember the very magical soothing Salves from 
back in the day, each week I would invent a salve for us?

We have gathered these into a lovely 
and marvelously calming ebook collection.
This is our thank you for anyone 
who signs up early because in saving me the time/energy
of  having to promote this, I get more time to pour myself into 
writing all the things I want to write! 

{The 108: are you in?}

I am looking for 108 lovely friends of the blog who can be secret agents of the mission and make a loving commitment of $36/month for four months in a row — in this November, the month of Wishing, and the upcoming three months of Ease, Majesty and Perspective.

With this option, not only do you get to be one of the people who is bringing all this good into our world, you will also receive a beautiful ebook collection of these essays at the end of the mission, which may include some unpublished pieces as well.

If you’ve ALREADY signed up to be a member of the 2018 Secret Stars Society
do *not* sign up for the 108, because (ta da), you get comped in

What happens next!

Use the GLOWING CROWN button for the option of four monthly payments of $36 (the first happens today) to join the 108!

Note: Every $36 lets you submit a writing topic suggestion for consideration, so you will also get to drop four items in the virtual suggestion box. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you can’t join the 108, here is another option…

You are of course invited to give whatever you like in support of the mission, and the perk of $36 lets you drop a something in the virtual suggestion box still applies. ๐Ÿ™‚

–> Here is a link to choose your sum to make a one-time payment in support of the mission.

The part where we take a breath with love!

Saying yes to anything is a door, and so we pause and breathe, because that’s what we do at a threshold, this is the practice of {enter a moment as we wish to be in it}.

Then you press the beautiful button, and very soon we will all be enjoying wild sparks of clarity, insight and joy with all the amazing posts showing up here.


(the part about love)

Please know I have a full heart glowing love for you at all times, whether you can play with me now or not, whether you glow appreciation in the form of comments or a few dollars when you can, or if you’re joining all the fun, it does not alter my love for you or this space of ours. Unconditional love always. It means so much to me that we are on this shared adventure.

all the small-printables

  • My thoughts re paying for things online: we can easily get sucked into the broader-culture mindset that wants to sell us on frantic decisions. All that pressure is not joyful, so let’s not do that, Let’s do the *opposite*, pause and breathe, change the experience, remember what’s actually meaningful for us. Let’s breathe our way to a quiet warm yes that is grounded in love for ourselves (and for our incoming selves!). This feels more harmonious and sustainable to me, and I hope also less stressful for you.
  • We donโ€™t offer refunds or returns, there’s a heart-based thought process behind that which you’re welcome to read about if that interests you.
  • Everything we offer is brought into the world with so much love, from my process and writing to the editing and compiling, and Richard’s gorgeous design work. I love that you want to be a part of this too, and am filled with appreciation because these sales allow me to keep writing and sharing. Thank you.
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