What is foundation? What is a foundation?

Some definitions I’m working with…

  1. I need a home, an actual physical home, sanctuary, a place to land, a place to write and create. Foundation in the sense of safe space, the foundation that allows me to do my best work and see what beautiful magic emerges from that stable base.
  2. A more immediate need: to keep this online space open for 2018 and cover expenses.
  3. Many institutions have foundations. A museum/gallery needs one too!
Other possible meanings of foundation:
+ The lowest load-bearing part of a building
+ The ground on which other parts rest or are overlaid
+ The foundation of a song
+ A foundational garment
+ Anything that supports
+ The first layer or base that provides smoothness.
+ An underlying basis or principle
+ Establishing an institution or organization on a permanent basis, especially with an endowment (!)

Join the foundation that supports this magical space.

Nearly thirteen years. Seventeen hundred posts. Thirty seven thousand comments.

This is a place of treasure.

Creating, exploring and playing with you has been an incredible experience.

We need support to keep this place going, because we are not done yet and ohmygod so many ideas/hopes/plans/sparks, so much good stuff I want to brew up with you, if we can make it happen together.

Three options.

(1) Support the mission by giving what you can.

You can glow appreciation and say thank you, in any sum you like. We receive it with love and joy, and glow appreciation back to you. Thank you.

Use the GLOWING CROWN button below to choose your sum. * An explanation of how the Barrington’s Discretionary fund came to be!


(2) Buy stuff. For yourself or for a friend.

I tell people all the time about the amazing monster manual and how good it is. So if you’ve been waiting for a reason, now is the time.

We’re also bringing back the emergency calm the hell down techniques kit for the next week or so.

(3) Become a Friend of the Museum!

Details here.

All the small-printables

  1. Funds contributed will go first to taking care of immediate expenses of running the business and the current crisis of overhead, then we will focus on paying back me and Richard and everyone else who has been working without pay. Should anything remain, it will land in Barrington’s Discretionary fund to be used for good things like the secret op of Let’s Find A Place To Land.
  2. The internet tends to be a place where we can experience so much pressure, how often do we find ourselves saying yes to things in a state of fear-guilt or discomfort? Me too. Let’s not do that here, let’s do the opposite of that, let’s pause and breathe and come back to presence, so we can glow any yes that is our yes, with a full heart. With nervousness and anticipation? Sure. That can be part of the full heart experience for sure. But with love and I Am Here Now. Presence and more breath and imagining that we are expanding in our seats: two centimeters taller.
  3. We don’t do refunds or returns, we have a whole page about the thought process behind why that is, in addition to the administrative hassle side of things.
  4. I really dislike pressure (real or manufactured) to buy things as soon as possible, and at the same time we are definitely under deadline here, so the sooner you can help us out, the better it is for us. That said, as always, presence and breath and here-now surpass everything. So let’s do that!


Please know I have a full heart glowing love for you at all times, whether you can play with me now or not, whether you glow appreciation in the form of comments or a few dollars when you can or joining in all the fun, it does not change my feelings about you or this space. Unconditional love always. It means so much to me that you are on this adventure with me.


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