Flash sale (flash sale!)

Hi Fellow Secret Agents!

Here’s some of what’s been going on for me lately…

Brain fog, concussion recovery, covid recovery, a fire in the trailer where I live, *jazz hands* ANXIETY *jazz hands*, then surprise flooding. And then a depressed goat moved in under my trailer because it seemed like a good place to be sad? I don’t know, but I can do a pretty decent saddest-goat imitation now, so that’s something.

And now a new thing has come up and I don’t want to talk about it, but I’m dealing with that.

We will laugh about some of this for sure later.

For everyone who wants the goat story, I will share more on the blog on that though to be honest I am not quite at the point where it’s funny yet, maybe once I have access to hot water again my sense of humor will return, but soon I hope, or: will get there when I get there because that’s how it goes.

I am looking forward to laughing about it. For now it’s chaotic upheaval-ey times. But the upside of that is…


We are having a FLASH sale on one of my favorite ebooks from the vault of things I’ve written over the past seventeen years. It’s called Saying Everything Twice (Saying Everything Twice), I wrote it in 2014. 

It’s about lots of things, the first year I spent nonverbal, what I learned, challenges I processed in my journal using self-fluency techniques, resulting insights. A settle in, make tea kind of read… 😘

Anyway, it is temporarily BACK, super on sale, a way to read my thoughts that are too intimate for the blog, and to help out with my various things that need fixing, and I am so appreciative of everyone’s kind generous wishes. 

Here is the button to get my 113 page ebook, Saying Everything Twice! (Saying Everything Twice)

Notes! If you already have it and still want to help out, you can get it and send to a friend. Or if you sent funds to Barrington’s Discretionary recently and are thinking, “Ohhh actually I wish I’d known about this because I want to read the ebook!”, just email me (use my first name aka Havi @ this website aka fluent self dot com!) with the subject Saying Everything Twice. You don’t have to say anything else unless you want to, I will send it to you!

Button is here!

This button yes (yes) takes you to the shopping cart to acquire Saying Everything Twice (Saying Everything Twice!)


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So much love from me! Wishing all the most just-right-for-you wishes your way,


The Fluent Self