What is this Very Secret Offering?

This special package combines secret rendezvous sessions with retreat time at the center, and you can get it for half price during Flash (Flood!) Sale…

The Flash Sale Treat Retreat!

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Deliciously Simple (mwah!)

I’m trying (not my style but I’m working on it!) to keep this Deliciously Simple and Marvelously Succinct, which, among other things, means breaking all the rules of copywriting.

So I will skip all the parts about why this is 1) an incredible life-changing & life-enhancing experience of wild magic, and 2) an absolutely astounding discount.

Instead I will breathe trust (you already know this is good), and take a moment to glow love for everyone reading, while planting the reminder that this definitely a once in a blue monsoon (haha) occurence.

The Secret Offering

Solo retreat with me + secret rendezvous sessions + email/text support!

Come get centered at the center with a Long Weekend Of Desert Magic Retreat.

The form is 3 nights / 4 days, but obviously we don’t need any technical definitions of weekend, desert magic is flexible to fit your schedule.

Included are three (3) (secret rendezvous hour sessions) with me* to support your retreat project/s, and no, you do not have to know what your project is!

BONUS: You also get three months of email/text access which means you get me as your project ally, update me on your process, and I will read and commiserate and glow superpowers with you.

The dome in the desert

Stargazer house is a gorgeous geodesic dome in the Sonoran desert (pics + info here), where you will have your own quarters: a beautiful spacious bedroom with gigantic private bath, a refrigerator and coffee/tea, as well as access to yoga space, reading nook and kitchen.

Lodging and delicious meals are included in tuition, travel arrangements are up to you, however I am happy to pick you up from the Tucson airport and drop you off, if you aren’t driving or renting a car.

What your retreat looks like

Your retreat is self-guided in the sense that I do not make the schedule; you will feel into how you want your days to take shape. But I am there as your ally and companion, co-retreating.

I put on music and do yoga/movement/PT in the morning before breakfast, and sometimes feldenkrais or more rolling around on the floor in the afternoon, you are welcome to join me or not.

After breakfast, I like to skip stones (journal) and find out what my project wants me to focus on that day. We can do this together and also review our day in the evening, maybe while watching the spectacular sunset from the porch. If you want company on a walk on one of the desert trails, let me know. Otherwise I will leave you to your process.

At night there is a glorious sky full of stars, or we can turn on the star projector in the dome.

* You might want your rendezvous sessions to happen while you’re at the center, or you might prefer two by phone as bookends for before and after your retreat and one while you’re here, up to you! More details about glorious retreat time/space can be found here.

{conditio sine qua non / essential qualifications}

You know how to do entry and exit for our time together.

The form is up to you and doesn’t need to involve my techniques, that’s not important.

I just need you to bring your wisest self to the forefront and do whatever it is that helps you with presence and readiness for this shared interaction.

We meet as equals.

My expectation is that if you are doing this work, you are able to approach as equals, crown on.

You know I’m not your answer; we are playmates and allies, each with our own power and wisdom.

If you have stories (that I am more X than you, that you are not enough Y), you recognize a monster story and apply Self Fluency (skip a stone on it? alignment?) to work through that on your own.

Similarly if for any reason your stuff comes up, you are able to stay with Wise You and trust my good heart and intentions, and work it out on your own using alignment, or if needed, we figure it out easily with compassionate communication. I’ll always work on what is mine, you work on what is yours.

You are able to PROXY and play with metaphors!

I can be a companion in the process of inventing a cover story, but trusting the process is a big deal because so much of what we do is on the level of wax on wax off aka the purpose will not be immediately apparent until the results suddenly are.

You have your own compass, you do your own work.

Of course happy to offer ideas and support, but I also assume you’re already working with qualities that currently speak to you before we start playing together.

I really am here for whatever you need, and can talk to monsters with you or whatever is needed, and my expectation is that you are already someone who is focused on knowing yourself deeply.

If you don’t meet these criteria yet, and that’s not just a monster-perception, no worries, these are wonderful things to work on in life (in general, not just for working with me!), and I suggest some devoted time to self-study, maybe reading as many blog posts as possible, and I will also try to post more about the [how] of these skills! All timing right timing! Love more trust more! We’ve got this, babe, I promise.

(temporary offering aka this message will self-destruct)









This package is $3636 USD, but you get it half off ($1818 USD) right now during Flash Sale.

Deposit to sign up is $618 USD, with the remainder due prior to your retreat.

What happens next!

Saying yes to anything is a door, and so we pause and breathe, because that’s what we do at a threshold, entering as we wish to be in it.

Then you press the beautiful button.

You’ll get an email with next steps & entry protocols and something fun that is definitely-not-homework which I like to refer to as Secret Undertakings!

button time (yes I’m only putting it in one spot)

Here is the beautiful button of yes to make your deposit and claim your magical container of space/time/glow-power with me!


all the small-printables

My thoughts re buying stuff online: it is so easy to get sucked into the rigged-game world of frantic pressured decisions and accompanying doubt-panic-dread, so let’s not do that. That’s not fun for anyone, and I don’t want my business to exist in that world. Let’s do the *opposite* of that, let’s pause and breathe and remember what is important, getting back to ourselves and feeling our warm quiet glow of truth. What does it feel like to connect to ourselves so that when we say yes, it is grounded, heart-centered and comes from love. This feels more harmonious and sustainable to me, and I hope it’s also much less stressful for you.
We don’t do refunds or returns, and we have a page about the thought process and administrative considerations behind that.

Everything offered here is offered with enormous care, devotion and love

And I love that you want to be a part of this work, and I love you.

A full breath of love for heart, space, heart-space, this time we have together.

If now is not the time, we will play together when the time is right. But if this is a heart-yes, come and let’s glow some big magic together. I am so excited for all the [as yet unknown astonishingly good stuff] that we will bring into being together. Here’s to the superpowers of Dedication & Fruition, to astonishing progress and wonder, to exponential and fractal good.

Whatever may be, I am closing this page with a loving heart of admiration for you, because just the act of considering transformational work is honestly kind of a big deal and can stir up stuff as we look with anticipation and [feelings] towards our incoming selves!

And in case you need the reminder (I often do!), you are a star and brave and marvelous for tending to this intentional process of getting to know your incoming selves, and if considering this work is part of your process, I think that is beautiful and admirable! So please know that I am here whooshing infinite sparklepoints and appreciation for you regardless of whether now is our time or not.


The Fluent Self