Possibly not the most boring disclaimer you’ve ever read.

But still fairly boring.

So this is where I’m supposed to disclaim away, but I don’t really feel like disclaiming anything.

Which I guess makes this the I’m apparently supposed to say this so you don’t decide to sue me part.

Tfu tfu tfu! May it never happen!*

* That’s me spitting three times to avoid the evil eye


Techniques and concepts modeled at The Fluent Self are not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

Neither my duck nor I are formally trained therapists. My training/certification/background is pretty varied and includes a degree in History from Tel Aviv University, and a bunch of yoga teacher trainings.

My intention is to share my process and explore practice. Common sense assumes that I cannot take responsibility for what you do with any concepts or techniques you meet here, that is up to you.

And of course I wish you well in your own process. That’s it. Enough disclaiming.

Havi (and Selma the duck)

Photo by Kylie Springman.

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