your mission should you choose to accept it

The nature of this Very Secret Offering

I am beta-testing a top secret mission to relay the top secret intel of [everything I know about how to retreat, rally, & chrysalis], welcome

This page will self-destruct etc on Oct 11 at midnight mountain standard time!

Salutations, (secret, much-adored) agent!

Happy day to us all, as Dominic, the eponymous dog hero protagonist of the delightful book by William Steig, says to the witch-alligator in the leopard print shawl, right before she points him towards the road of grand adventure…

Happy day to us all indeed, for you have chosen the road to adventure, and this is the joyful beta test for the new way I am offering {haha insert name for retreats, all forms}, welcome!

We’re doing some Charlie’s Angels Secret Mission Covert Ops magic, and this op has no name yet, and I am excited!

Agency 2020

The focus

As you might know, I’m changing how I work and what I’m offering.

This year’s focus is on incoming selves or incoming qualities.

That might look like working on our projects with our incomings and their superpowers, channeling their useful wisdom, and it might mean working on the project of integration itself, becoming the fully embodied version of [whatever is coming in].

Probably both.

Your mission should you choose to etc etc

You are invited on a [haha this also does not have a name], let us refer to it as The Secret Mission That Has No Name Until You Name It, also known as Operation Whatever You Choose To Call It, Beloved Agent of Agency.

Operation Name That Op.

You’ll decide what you want to work on and play with this year.

Your part! (This is exciting!)

You’re going to devote 2020 to figuring out your yeses, and inviting in and integrating a new incoming self or aspect of self (possibly many selves, as many as you like but we’ll see what their timing is) who knows how to embody what is needed for this.

You will tend to that self and your current self, and your relationship with yourself, your selves and your desires/projects for this year, whatever they may be.

You will also invent your own just-right for you [retreat-like experience] which may or may not involve the words retreat, rally, or chrysalis. The name will come.

My part which is also exciting

I’ll be your ally from The Agency: sharing intel, glowing support and adoration, and strategizing with you.

I’ll also playing right along with you in companionship, and while you will probably not see me in person, (because I am invisible / Charlie / on an op), we will share our process together, and I will share be your companion in a variety of fun forms…

The fun forms

I am your ally in planning & strategizing:

We will have three sessions by phone during which we’ll sort out your compass, your secret mission, an approach for your 2020 wishes, and also plan a [chrysalis/retreat/rally] that you will use for your own secret purposes whatever they might be.

We’ll also commune with your incoming and generally gather useful intel for everything you’re working on.

* If you’re nonverbal, currently enjoying silent retreat or have phone aversion, we can also always use a shared google doc for any session. I like a phone connection for purposes of giggling and shared deep sighs, but talking is not required if it’s not indicated <3

and your ally in retreating & play

You will run your retreat for you and I will run a parallel one separately-but-simulataneously for mefrom a secret undisclosed location.

I will be your contact point for your retreat. We will journal, brainstorm superpowers, share notes on process, review each day and cheer each other on. We can check in throughout the day by text, email or phone as desired.

This is not coaching, it’s co-retreating, think of me as your secret ally in the home office, a playmate and co-conspirator, we will play and process together and it will be a delight.

I will magic things up to support both of us in our grand adventure, you will do whatever it is you feel drawn to do or excel at, and our combined powers will be glorious to behold!

highly classified confidential intel

During the year there will be new clearance levels with TOP SECRET INTEL, with everything I know about how to do this (see loose syllabus below), and a group play-space practice-space with other secret agents.

Re: confidential materials distributed throughout the year or placed in hidden locations, I have not decided yet on the form for this (mail you documents? hide them on a secret page? we can decide together!), but here are the topics I’ve been playing with, plus whatever comes up as we work on things together…

temporary syllabus

+ containers & voyages (how to make a supportive space for your wishes)
+ boundaries & separations/delineations (protecting your wishes, your retreat, your process)
+ inviting an incoming (make it inviting!)
+ integrating an incoming (bridge the gap)
+ reemergence (there is no back, how do we navigate the world with new knowledge & superpowers?)
+ troubleshooting (superpower of you’re doing amazing, sweetie plus how to resolve upheaval)
+ continuing the work (there is a whole world of self to explore!)

Who gets to do this

The first up to ten people who sign up before doors close at the close of the weekend (13 October).

Definitely review the conditia sine qua non below especially if we’ve never played together before. I am excited for this year’s secret missions and to play with fellow Agents of Agency.

{conditio sine qua non / essential qualifications}

You take time to do entry and exit for our meetings.

The form is up to you and doesn’t require my techniques, whatever helps you bring your wisest self to the forefront so you feel present and ready, aka Grounded Enthusiasm.

We meet as equals.

If you’re doing this work, I will assume you can approach as equals, crown on.

You know I’m not your answer; we’re playmates, each with our own powers and wisdom.

If you notice monster stories about how I am more X than you or you’re not enough Y, you can recognize and apply Self Fluency (skip a stone, adjust alignment) to work through that shit on your own.

Similarly if your stuff comes up in our play together, you can stay with Wise You and trust my good heart, and work it out easily on your own using alignment, or if needed, we figure it out easily with compassionate communication. I’ll work on what is mine, you work on what is yours.

You are willing to PROXY and play with metaphors!

I am delighted to be a companion in the process of inventing a cover story, but trusting the process is a big deal because so much of what we will do will be deep on the level of wax on wax off aka the purpose will not be immediately apparent until the results suddenly are.

You do your own work.

Of course I can offer ideas, support, generate a compass with you if you don’t have one yet, but I also assume you’re already working with qualities that speak to you before we start.

I really am here for whatever you need, and can negotiate monsters or whatever is needed, and my expectation is that you are already someone who is in relationship with yourself.

If you don’t meet these criteria yet, and that’s not just a monster-perception, no worries, these are wonderful things to work on in life (in general, not just for working with me!), and this can shift with devoted time to self-study, maybe reread past blog posts, and I’ll try to post more about the [how] of these skills! All timing right timing! Love more trust more! We’ve got this, babe, I promise.

(temporary offering aka this message will self-destruct)








Delicious Bonuses

The pre-launch perks as follows

I’m letting a few people in early as a beta group, these bonuses are for people signing up THIS WEEKEND:

  1. 22% discount for anyone signing up this weekend (DISCOUNT CODE is, depending on the day, FARRAH or WELCOMEDOME, try them both!
  2. If you wish to hold your 5 night (or up to 5 night) solo retreat at the dome in the desert this year, I will waive the retreat price and you can do have the entire dome all to yourself for a $200 Dome Magic maintenance fee which helps our people keep it sparkling and ready for you. You’ll provide your own transportation. I cannot guarantee that the bobcat, the road runners, or the extremely random cows will be around, but you’ll probably see some pretty great wildlife.
  3. You’ll help me (only if you want) decide which content to cover, because I have a VERY long list of topics I’m excited about.

Next steps

When you sign up, you’ll get an email with some stuff to play with, and instructions for next steps ON A POSTCARD. If your current address is different than the one in the shopping cart, leave me a note, and if you don’t have an address, I’ll get you a burner number to contact.

Delicious beta test pricing


We will play together throughout 2020, strategizing your retreat/chrysalis/right-form-for-you, I will share ALL THE INTEL I have on how to make these work for you, I will hold three private secret rendezvous sessions with you, and while you are retreating I will devote my whole week to keeping you company from afar, available by text and email and also sharing what I’m learning on my own parallel retreat.


This program, which will continue for all of 2020 regardless of when you hold your [retreat-like form], has a beta price of $2222 USD.


DISCOUNT CODE is, depending on the day, FARRAH or WELCOMEDOME, try them both

Summary: Support for your mission provided by the agency includes:

+ Three private secret agent rendezvous calls with me to strategize your retreat and solve any related mysteries together (if you have phone-aversion, we can also do a shared google doc!)
+ You will design and set up your own retreat-like form of five nights or up-to-five-nights, either at your own preferred location or the dome in the desert safe house, and I’ll help you strategize
+ During your retreat, I will keep you company from afar by text/email, joining you for morning stone-skipping and an evening review, and playing from afar during the day, a joyful companion in retreating!
+ Communal play space and confidential materials on how to work with incomings as well as hold a wildly successful magical retreat or retreat-like experience with yourself whenever you need one

What happens next!

Saying yes to anything is a door, and so we pause and breathe, because that’s what we do at a threshold, entering as we wish to be in it. Then press the beautiful button.

You’ll get an email with next steps & entry protocols and something fun that is definitely-not-homework whcih I like to refer to as Secret Undertakings!

button time

Here is the button of yes for this magical year of space/time/glow-power!


Can’t wait to play with you, fellow secret agent!

zen & small-printables

Let’s breathe trust and presence, remembering that frantic is not how we want to enter anything probably, how do we want to approach instead. Let’s get to our yes or our something-else from quiet clarity, hand on heart, feeling our warm quiet trust-glow truth-glow.
We don’t do refunds or returns, there’s a thought process there, of course I’ll work with you to reschedule if life situations arise or extenuating circumstances.

offered with love

I love that you want to live this work, and I love you. Here’s to exponential and fractal good.

The Fluent Self