The loving policies of a wild adventurer

Hi, sweet friend

A breath for all the structures that help me respect my capacity so that I can relate to my business with as much love as I do the people in it.

And a breath for our yeses

When you say yes to a course, retreat, workshop, course materials, or sessions with me, that’s a yes to a transformative experience which is a big deal. The yes is the moment of embarking. The yes itself is transformative. It sets things into motion. The adventure has begun.

You can (if you like) imagine your world, internal and external, reconfiguring in a variety of tiny but meaningful ways to meet your new yes, and this too is part of the grand adventure.

This moment of yes is also a bit like purchasing a ticket on a transatlantic steamer; not only are you glowing a yes for the voyage and the grand adventure, you’re also reserving a spot for travel which is then not available to another traveler.

Staying true to the adventure

I want to ask us to stay true to the adventure that emerges from this moment of yes, and to engage with it from that adventurous spirit. And I want to direct my own time and energy towards glowing magic to support these adventures (as opposed to solving administrative dilemmas), and this is all part of why payments are non-refundable.

This policy asks you to glow a whole-hearted right-here-right-now yes for yoruself and for the adventure, and to commit to it with love. This means you appreciate the time, energy and heart-glow involved (mine and yours and that of other people in the course, or other people who wish to sign up for an adventure).


Take this as a loving invitation to get clear, breathe, feel into your yes, commit to the things you really want to be present for in your life, with the understanding that we are embarking with this yes, and the voyage, wherever it takes us, will change things for us.

(Well, actually it will bring us closer to ourselves, making us more ourselves, which is almost the opposite of changing us, but you know what I mean!)

Consider your yes itself and the process of arriving at it to be its own investment in the big wild magic of intention-setting. All the other good stuff that comes from this adventure will be amazing bonuses to that tuition!

And then show up for yourself and the adventure and the magic.

Back to trust and presence and process!

Trust that the adventure is already happening whether you make it to the ship or not (I hope you do!).

Of course we are humans and life stuff happens, and if the reason you can’t make it to the ship is big extenuating life circumstances and you need to reschedule your retreat time, I will do everything in my power to be flexible with you on this. If you can’t reschedule, you can find someone to take your spot within a reasonable amount of time before the event. Otherwise, any tuition already paid will go to the scholarship fund.

Here’s to our big wild yeses, to staying true to yes, and honoring the tuition we invest in the the school of yeses.

all the post-scripts!

p.s. it’s normal to freak out a little over our yeses

Often when we say yes to a transformative something, it scares us, both the yes and the commitment, and with good reason. Change is a big deal. Sometimes our heart has a yes and then we want to run away from that yes. Totally makes sense.

I’m going to ask you to stay present and not run away, because that’s part of the work of the yes that we both do. We say the yes, the adventure begins, we do the work, magic happens!

And if you aren’t steady in your yes, invest more time interacting with the material in the archives, becoming someone who interacts consciously with your desire. A panicky yes doesn’t serve you or me or the culture of what we’re doing here. This work is about intention and presence.

tl:dr As always: breathe and feel into your yes, the power of the collective will work the magic whether you participate or not, we don’t do refunds on courses, consider this an investment in the big wild magic of intention-setting, and all the other good stuff that comes from signing up will just be amazing bonuses!

A word about payments

Unless you see an option for multiple payments, assume we can’t do them. We generally only offer payments for retreats. When payments aren’t being offered, that means we haven’t built in the time/expense of the administrative backend work involved in making them available when we did pricing resonance.

Bartering is not an option. Unless you teach west coast swing and want to offer me private dance lessons, in which case, sure, make me a wild offer!

That’s all the policies, babe

I hope it’s clear that this business is run by a real, live, vulnerable-hearted human being who is out here doing their best, as the kids say. I am committed to being truthful and loving in all things. My wish is to be as understanding as possible, and still meet the commitments I’ve made while not losing my mind in administrative chaos.

Sometimes I still screw up, in which case of course will do whatever I can to make stuff right again to the best of my ability.

Big appreciation in my thank-you heart for being here with us, and lots of love,


The Fluent Self