the usual boring policies

Here are some notes about the structures that help me respect my capacity, and treat my business with as much love as I do the people in it.

Retreats, workshops, rallies and other live events

A live event requires a ton of work.

Unbelievable amounts of advanced planning, creative tap-dancing, energy configurations and administrative madness are happening behind the scenes as my crew and I do everything in our power to ensure that the experience is as nourishing, transformative and jam-packed with epiphanies as possible, and all this in the most safe, comfortable, supportive way.

If you have to cancel (tfu tfu tfu, may it never need to happen!), we will be sad with you and we will miss you.

You can help find someone to take your spot — by posting about the retreat on social media or on your website, if you have one, and we will spread the word too.

If we can fill your spot within a reasonable time before the event, we will joyfully release you of the obligation to pay the rest of your tuition.

Any tuition (including deposit) already paid will go to the Stowawayship Scholarship Ship fund.

This helps us honor our commitment to the space hosting the event and our contract with them, as well as honoring the work we’ve done to make this happen.

Rally policies as follows:

1. Rally pricing includes: Tuition, ebooklets/BORK, snacks, huge realizations, hilarity, bubble-blowing, presents/presence.
2. Not included: Travel, lodging and meals.
3. Before signing up, check in with yourself and make sure this is what you want.
4. If you register for a Rally, you have up to 60 days prior to the Rally to request a change in dates. Rescheduling fee is $60.
5. We can’t accommodate changes, reschedules or cancellations once we hit 30 days prior to the Rally’s start date. This helps us create a safe and strong container for Rally, and keep tuition affordable.
6. If you can’t make it, we’ll offer tuition paid so far as a stowawayship scholarship so someone else can attend.

My Secret S-Word Society program

Before you’ve been accepted to the Swoop, we may refund your initial deposit if a) I need to cancel for some reason, b) there’s no room left in the program, or c) it becomes clear to me during the entry process that this is not a good fit.

Secret S-Word Society tuition is not refundable.

We do this because this is where we work on our stuff, which means that at some point or another, you’re going to be running into yours.

It would be completely irresponsible of me to let you listen to your monsters/fear-patterns and run away when you hit the hard parts. That’s not the loving thing to do.

My commitment is to holding this safe, loving environment that can help you through the hard, because that’s part of the experience.

The culture we build together is there to help you feel supported, comfortable and welcome, and at the same time, it is always up to you to use the space in whatever way suits you best.

The truth is that even people who hardly use it get huge benefits when they do, and the space and everything in it is there for you — you’re always welcome in a completely guilt-free way.

Books of E (ebooks) and other download-able products

Unless otherwise stated, and it might be otherwise stated — some products come with a stated guarantee on the page, orders are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Another way of saying this, and I say this with so much love:

Don’t order if you aren’t steady in your yes.

This is good wisdom for all things in life, and anyway, I would much rather you invest a few more weeks or months or even years reading material on the blog and becoming someone who interacts consciously with your desire, than have you purchase something now in a panicky moment — because the panicky yes doesn’t serve you or me or the culture of what we’re doing here. This work is about intention and presence.

Exceptions? The rules hold unless there are big extenuating circumstances, in which case we can be flexible, because life is complicated and god knows I get that.


Unless you see an option for multiple payments, assume we can’t do them. We generally only offer payments for retreats. When payments aren’t being offered, that means we haven’t built in the time/expense of the administrative backend work involved in making them available when we did pricing resonance.

Bartering is not an option. Unless you teach west coast swing and want to offer me private lessons, in which case, sure, make me a wild offer!

That’s all the policies.

I hope it’s clear that this business is run by a real, live, vulnerable-heart human being, a tiny duck and a small helper crew. We are committed to being truthful and loving in all things. We try to be as understanding as possible, and still meet our own commitments to others as well as our need to not lose our minds in administrative chaos.

We try our best. We really do. Sometimes we screw up, in which case we will do whatever we can to make stuff right again to the best of our ability.

Big appreciation in my thank-you heart for being here with us, and lots of love,