So after all the complicated, agonizing, beautiful process of giving birth to a tiny sweet thing, I have been slow about sharing pictures.

Mostly because my lovely Playground baby keeps being added to.

Latest addition: a crazed pirate monkey on a tree!

But also because I have felt … shy. I don’t know.


It seemed like it’s finally maybe the right time to talk about this space that I love so much.

And a bit about what it means to have a physical home for everything I’ve been teaching both online and in various places around the world these past six years.

The Playground has its own style.

I’m not sure how or when it happened.

But after a certain point, the First Mate and I could assess in a second whether something was Playground material or not.

The Playground had somehow developed its own distinctive style that was really hard to explain and really easy to recognize.

You can see the elements but I’m still not sure if it’s … describable.

Let’s see.

Copper bells, 40s Hollywood-style lamps, pirates, trees, deep reds and oranges, dark wood, pre-school art, sparkliness but also very contemplative and meditative.

If you close your eyes, it feels deep and expansive, it feels like yoga, it feels like sanctuary.

It’s kind of like … Glam Pirate Zen.

Or, really, Glam Pirate Pre-School Zen.

Anyway, it’s awesome. And special. And it has its own way of being that is completely and utterly Playground-like.

The Playground is coming into itself.

It knows what it likes. It knows what it doesn’t like.

We are learning funny things about systems and boundaries.

When I talk to grown-ups I say that I have a Center where I teach.

If it’s people who seem pretty fun I might add that it doubles as a yoga studio for pirates. But that’s such a small piece of what it actually is.

Anyway, I can’t describe it at all. But it is my favorite place in the entire world.

Being there makes me happy. Showing people makes me happy.

11 things I adore about having the Playground.

In no particular order.

  1. It’s home.
  2. Everything looks exactly the way I want it to look.
  3. It is a place where silliness is a good thing.
  4. It’s like getting to go to pre-school. Except as an adult.
  5. I’ve definitely had a lot of business situations where I’ve come up with something brilliant and innovative and then other people take the idea and repeat it without doing anything to make it their own.

    I find it tremendously reassuring that this particular thing is so completely mine and so completely uncopy-able.

  6. Now I have a place to go to when I write.
  7. It’s the perfect hey are you one of my right people experiment: people either ADORE it to pieces or they totally don’t get it.
  8. The ridiculously high ceilings and the fact that there are chandeliers and the general I cannot believe how fabulous this place is of it all.
  9. I can roll around on the floor all day long.
  10. Buying things like bubble-blowing solution and robot-dinosaur juice glasses is now a business expense. And since I don’t buy fun things for myself (yes, I know, working on it), having this baby to get presents for is a very good thing for me.
  11. As much as I love all the magical things that happen in the various online environments that I have created, there is something intense and powerful about being with your people, in one space, at one time. It’s just amazing.

And when it’s a special space — one that is charged up with all the Old Turkish Lady yoga and Shivanautical epiphanies and deep transformational play … even more so.

Would you like to see some pictures?

These were taken a while ago so we have various new additions since then, but it gives you a sense.

A peek!

The bottom four photos were captured by the amazing Elizabeth Halt.

That is all for now!

If you’ve been to the Playground and want to chime in about how delightful it is, you are so very welcome to.

And if you haven’t but you want to be all excited with me, that is lovely! Appreciated! Very, very much. I am a happy proud momma to this crazy, wonderful space.

[ALSO! I finally wrote a HAT for the Rally. The Rally! The Projectizing Rally! I am extremely worked up about how fabulous this is going to be. Also, it starts Monday so you still have a tiny window of a chance to join us. But read the page anyway because it was fun to write.]

And should you like to mail the Playground a love letter: you can send it via The Fluent Self, Inc, 1526 NE Alberta St #218, Portland OR 97211


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