So somehow blogging star Liz Strauss stumbled upon (whoah, saying that makes me think maybe this happened through StumbleUpon) my baby blog, and blessed it with the stamp of official successfulness.

Whoops, it’s not a stamp. It’s a badge. A badge of achievement.

Man, I feel like a boyscout who just won a patch for general coolness. Would you like to see it? Would you?

Here it is:

Successful and Outstanding Blogger badge

SOB stands for Successful and Outstanding Blogger (that’s me, apparently), and that’s pretty trippy.

Also now I’m basically doing all I can to avoid making any jokes about “sob stories”, “sob-baticals”, and those poor SOBs who aren’t “successful, outstanding bloggers”. It’s not really working.

But whatever, the important points here are:

1. My duck and I won a thing! (Admittedly Selma is not as impressed as I am, but then she’s been in full-force diva mode ever since she was interviewed on German television).

2. We’re in really, really good company. Like, The Growing Life. Awesome.

3. Thanks so, so much to Liz Strauss for zeroing in on the Fluent Self blog as something deserving of recognition. Cool beans! My diva duck and I will try to live up to SOB-ishness in all its forms, or at least one of them.

Anyway, you can see the list of fellow SOBs at Liz’s blog. I guess I need to finish up this impromptu speech before my duck and I get yanked off the stage with a giant hook, but thanks to everyone who reads this thing for all your love and support and comments and …

You guys are the best!

The Fluent Self