the quickest update!

just a quickie update because people have been asking about yoga resources, and wanting to start / do more / get back to it, and what if you don’t have experience, and online is overwhelming and and and

I get it, yeah, this is all a lot

luckily one bonus of youtube/zoom yoga is no one can see you and you can just go hide and put legs up the wall whenever you don’t want to do a pose, or at least that’s what I do

try online class with Madeleine

if you’ve never done yoga or also if you’ve done lots of yoga, I recommend Madeleine Lohman, her youtube page is Mad Yoga and she teaches a live class every Saturday at 11am PST (I almost never recommend people but would give a money-back guarantee on anything Madeleine-related, her yoga glows with acceptance and All Bodies Are Welcome, she lives it, expect gentleness, compassion, humor and lots of ways to adapt poses to different needs!)

yoga for immune support

on tuesdays & thursdays, I like to take yoga for immune support with Sonya who teaches 8:30-10am MST at Shree yoga in Taos, a favorite studio of mine, class now available via Zoom, you can try it once for free with code STAYHOME, this is not a sweating exertion class (though sometimes I do just from concentrating hard and focusing on the breath), and I pretty much always feel better about [the everything and the many mysteries and my relationship to them] after this class


if you need props, I am a huge fan of yoga blocks (I get mine from Yogaware), and have mostly just been using stuff around the house (bathrobe tie for a strap, giant pillow for a bolster), but if you might want actual props, Shree & Hugger Mugger are doing a promotion, 20% off through April 30 and if you use this link, Shree will get 10% which is great because they are a place that is very dear to my heart and could use the help

accessible yoga

I have been meaning to check out Practice with Dana (Falsetti) since Kathryn told me about her years ago, and this might be the time, looks like a great variety and includes wrist-free classes too!

just a starting point

will update more on this and other topics when I have more focus but this is just some places to start

and maybe will do a mini video on IG even though I don’t teach movement anything anymore, it will probably focus on my obsessive love of neck stretching and/or the feldenkrais concept of moving on an endless continuum from the impossible to possible, possible to easy, easy to elegant, without any end point or perceived pressure or hurrying to get to the next bit

sixteen breaths

we can always do compass breaths and yawn our heads off, and that counts too!

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