For the seventeenth time this month: a post that is not a post.

I need to either stop saying that or figure out what my incredibly narrow definition of a blog post is (possibly with the help of Metaphor Mouse).


Two announcements. Announcements!

Thing #1: Processing the process.

These two lovely weeks I’ve spent in New Mexico teaching and writing have been all about process.

In other words:

  • what I do to (mindfully, sweetly) observe how I work on a thing while I’m in it
  • which bits of magic I use to destuckify when things get rocky or shaky or blah
  • how I choose which destuckification tool is the right one for the job
  • how I talk myself down when the going gets gaaaaaaah horrible
  • what I do to stay in the process of being in the process, without forcing it and still keeping it fun, silly, lighthearted.

Among other things.

Doing and documenting.

So I’ve been doing that and taking notes. Lots and lots of notes.

And writing out various exercises, the thoughts behind them, and carefully documenting the experience itself.

There are at least thirty blog posts in there. Thirty finished blog posts, and all sorts of other musings, thoughts, ideas, and insights.

I’m not going to publish these on the blog.

They want to stay together.

So I’m letting them turn into a kind of accidental ebook.

It’s not an ebook on “here’s how to process your stuff while working on a project”.

Unless you’re a spy.

Because it takes a fairly intelligent and thoughtful person to appreciate the power of getting to be the fly on the wall.

You get to watch me as I work through my stuff and talk about what I’m doing and why.

You get the perspective, the insights, the what-I’m-really-thinking (this is my journal, after all) — and then you apply it. If you’re not the kind of person who can spy on my process and apply it to your own stuff, maybe skip this one.

Anyway, the book of me Processing my Process (with monsters! and hilarity! and unpooblishable weirdness!) is a) really great and b) now a thing.

Yes, it is a thing (well, a pre-order-able thing), and all monies made on it will go to support my Playground. That is all.

Thing #2: Rallying the Rally.

A Rally, if you haven’t read the explanatory post (which I recommend because otherwise this will make even less sense), is the most awesome thing in the entire world.

If you need some serious projectizing time to work on a project or get something done, going on a Rally is basically the most fun, hilarious, crazy way to do that.

I am throwing a trial run rally to see what happens. Run, Rally, Run!

What doesn’t happen at a Rally.

It’s not a retreat or a workshop or a seminar or a whatever.

I will not be teaching. (Except the first evening when I impart the absolutely most useful and unlikely tricks for destuckifying for you to use during the Rally).

There are no activities. (Except the completely optional yoga and brain training.)

There is absolutely no having to share things. (Unless you happen to feel like it.)

It’s you and your project and your process, in a supportive location with terrific people and some highly unusual, extremely great techniques.

What does happen at a Rally.

You have designated time and space to work on your project. The Playground will be open all day, so you can write or brainstorm or hide out in the Refueling Station.

We’re located on a street that is full of great cafes and places to sit, so you can be with your project outside or inside or wherever you like.

There is daily (optional) Shiva Nata to deliver epiphanies and rewrite your patterns, and daily (optional) Old Turkish Lady yoga to relax and make your body feel loved and rested.

There is schwag. This is the first time so we haven’t decided yet what exactly you’re getting. But it will be fabulous. And quite attractive, since I have the best designer in the entire world.

Selma will be there too.

It’s really all about the connector mice though.

Everyone there will be amazing. Because the people who come to my events are always the best people ever.

And there will be bulletin boards and other ways make arrangements to hook up with other … uh, Rallians? Rallyscallywags? Rallyateurs? …. participants.

And by “hook up”, I mean:

  • Find other people who want to eat crepes for lunch or who want to talk about their projects together.
  • Set up a trade with someone: maybe you’d be willing to give an hour of editing and feedback in exchange for some light coaching.
  • Arrange brainstorming groups, partner up on things or take a field trip to Powell’s!
  • Anything you like.

And if you think you’re going not going to be up for any of that, no worries. Full permission to be a lone wolf (that’s how I’d do it) or to stay close to me and Selma.

Rally details.

We’re calling it Sally the Rally the First.

Or really, any variation on that.

When Harry the Dairy Met Sally the Rally the First.

Or When Rand McNally Saw Sally the Rally the First.

Or just Sally. Sally the Projectizing Rally.

  • It’s in Portland, Oregon. At the Playground (my glam-pirate zen-fabulous center). And soon!
  • We begin Monday, AUGUST 16 at 5pm and end Thursday, AUGUST 19 at 7pm.
  • It will be crazy fun. If you can make it, yay. If not, we will rise to rally again! I just don’t know when.

What you need to know.

Both of these weird, wonderful things are going to support the Playground fun-brewing. So we can get the Playground a couch and a refrigerator and a bunch of other things it needs.

And there’s kind of a twist. Well, a twist and a half.

I haven’t written any copy for these yet. The HAT (Havi Announces a Thing) page doesn’t exist.

Right now the only way to get access to either of these is through the I-haven’t-written-copy-yet page. So.

If you get the Processing the Process ebook and/or apply to join us for Sally the Projectizing Rally before I put up a page about why they’re so great ….

Well, there is a significant discount for that.

It’s like an early bird pricing thing, except that it’s really an expression of appreciation.

That is to say, appreciation for you being the kind of person who knows my stuff will be great anyway despite the fact that I haven’t gotten around to explaining why yet.

Because that really means a lot to me. Thank you for that.

That’s it.

Here is the link to the I-haven’t-written-copy-yet page (with special I-haven’t-written-copy-yet prices):

If this is your thing, you are so so so welcome to be a part of it. And maybe I’ll even get to hug you in person, which would be wonderful.

And if none of this is relevant to you, regular posting will resume post-haste!

Comment zen for today!

You can share excitements, ask questions, say yay for me that I gave myself permission to not write HATs while on holiday.

Or come up with ridiculous things to call Sally the Rally. Or brainstorm better ways to refer to the kind of person who might attend a Rally.

Or give each other flowers. Flowers are lovely. I give you a daisy!

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