Fluent Self Item!A somewhat goofy mini-collection of stuff I’ve been reading, stuff I’ve been thinking about and oh, some completely random crap.

Basically the stuff that never gets mentioned here because I’m not the kind of person who can just make some teeny little point. Not into the whole brevity thing, as the Dude would say.

Actually, I’m under the strict compulsion to write ten pages about anything on my mind. So this is me. Practicing brevity.

I haven’t been reading as much online as I usually do because of my hurt-ey arms.

And all the time I’m spending with Stu, my voice-to-text software.

But I still have some gems and thoughts about stuff. Because, c’mon, I can’t stay offline as hard as I try. Though I’m getting better at making my brother and Selma navigate for me.

Okay. Let’s do this thing.

Item! Post No. 14 in a series that allows me to surreptitiously biggify some seriously smart, talented people (in a sneaky behind-the-scenes kind of way).

Item! Why retreating is a big deal!

Ironically, I tend to tense up when I think about going on a retreat. What will I eat? Will I hate everyone? Will I be bored and lonely? Not to mention resentful about having spent money on myself, and then not being sure about the investment.

So whenever I read about retreats, I get too distracted by my own stucknesses to really tune in to my memory of what it’s like to really rest and heal and work on my stuff.

Luckily, Jen Louden (and yes, I still have the world’s biggest crush on her) gets this, and she’s so reassuringly human that I can read about the amazing work she does and not get all freaked out.

Or maybe only slightly freaked out.

Your should read her delightfully reassuring sweet, funny piece about retreating with her.

Personally, I think you should also retreat with her if you can. She’s a hell of a teacher. But I also think you should read this if you offer programs or packages and people don’t necessarily get how great they are.

Item! Selma got hit on by some creepy dude on an ironing board.

Also we got interviewed by the charming Sarah J. Bray who runs Ma Tweeps.

You should read the interview just for the incredibly bizarre questions she asks. Highly entertaining, as is the whole site.

Item! You need to read this post!

It’s that good.

My therapist often reminds me that silence is not empty and now I need to add the corollary that inaction is a choice.

It’s really powerful. And thoughtful. And someone needs to send this person some recognition for how beautiful her thoughts are.

You really need to read this.

Item! This is one of the funniest things I heard this week.

So, you know, I sell stuff online. Which means I have one of those “shopping cart” thingies. And it has a little “how did you hear about us?” box. And a “leave a comment” box.

The “how did you hear about us” box often gives the answer “Twitter“, which is one of the many, many reasons I’m constantly urging you guys to a. get on there and b. stop feeling guilty about time you’re “wasting by just hanging out.”

But it’s the comment box that provides many delightful moments in my day, when Marissa passes them on.

This is from the class that Naomi and I taught about dealing with the recession. And yeah, you can still get the recording. For now.

Anyway, take a look at this:

I’d like you both to come to my house, dress up in period costumes from the 17th century, and act out the entire thing.

I love my life.

Item! Sometimes we don’t write. Because we can’t.

This post from Kimberlee Ferrell describes it perfectly.

I could not hear the inner voice that compelled me to write. I couldn’t even hear my own thoughts.

I was empty inside, and had no words.

Really powerful.

We all go through blocks. And times when it cannot happen or does not happen. But we don’t lose our identities. We are still allowed to be writers when we are not writing.

And painters when we are not painting. And teachers when we are not teaching.

Item! This is the most beautiful thing you’ll read all week.

This is actually something I’ve been wanting to write about myself. Maybe someday.

The past can be rewritten.

“Sometimes something reaches back and edits entire stories.”


Item! Revel in your total lack of coordination!

Actually I wrote this post. But you should still read it.

It’s something I wrote over at the Shiva Nata (wacky yoga brain training) blog — and if you’re not a Shivanaut yet, you no longer get to use the excuse that you lack the coordination. 🙂

And even if you have no interest whatsover in joining the wackiness, everyone can use a little permission to screw up and be incompetent.

Fabulously incompetent!

That is all.

That’s enough for now…

Happy, happy reading. Happy Blustery Windsday. See you tomorrow.

The Fluent Self