Friday chickenBecause it’s Friday AGAIN. And because traditions are important. In which I cover the good stuff and the hard stuff in my week, trying for the non-preachy, non-annoying side of self-reflection.

And you get to join in if you feel like it.

Oh boy.


This has been quite a week.

And really, I should just tell you about it already.

And you should tell me about yours, because misery loves company. I mean, because I like you.

Not miserable. Just tired. Because of the Expotition.

The hard stuff

Stuff I don’t like that is sometimes also uncomfortable.

More dentist. Dermatologist. Opthamologist. Things that end in –ist.

Not happy about it.

Disappearing post.

The blog post that I meant to write the other day totally ran away.

I mean, I did write it and then it just didn’t exist anymore.

It was the most bizarre thing in the entire world and I also couldn’t believe I’d actually lost it because I am the most save-ey backing-up-ey person in the world.

So then I spend forever looking for it anyway even though it was clearly gone. And even more time mourning the lost genius bits.

And feeling bad about the time it took to write and the time it took to look for it … and that only took more time.

And, even though this whole thing is completely ridiculous, it really was an amazing, brilliant post that is no more. Argh.

Just kind of generally stressed out.

A bunch of little things that add up.

No one horrible stressful thing. Just lots of tiny little worries and challenges and things to trip over.

Some shoes being tossed. Stuff like that.

But hey, some good stuff happened too.

The good stuff

Sleeping in.

Okay, so normally I wake up between five and six, because that’s when my body likes to get up.

Which is great. That’s when I get my writing done. Well, first my wacky meditations and then my writing.

But every once in a while I actively try to sleep in (because it’s clear I need more rest) and I can’t. Annoying.

This week though I had two huge victories in that area.

One day I slept in until 7 a.m. (which hardly ever happens) and then the next day I slept in until 9am (which never happens). It was amazing.

And I give full credit to the Great Expotition for wearing me out entirely.

The Great Expotition.

You kind of have to know a bit about Portland to understand how completely insane this walk my brother and I went on was. But you really don’t.

Let’s just say that it was well beyond anything that should fit into anyone’s definition (however casual) of “going for a walk”.

We started in North Portland, because, you know, that seemed as good a place to start as any.

And then six hours and all five city quadrants later* … we collapsed and had a very well-earned dinner.

*Yes. You’re right. Quadrant should mean four. Please don’t ask me why Portland has five. I mean, I know why there are five, but I don’t know why we call them quadrants.

The basic description of the Great Expotition is this:

Ez and I made our way from North Portland to Northeast Portland. Crossed the river into Northwest. Stopped at Powell’s.

Walked from Northwest to Southwest. Got so far south that we were all the way to the Ross Island bridge (the second to last southern bridge) — and then doubled back and crossed the Hawthorne bridge into Southeast.

Oh, and then walked another 40 minutes or so to Sellwood.

In short, it was the longest, silliest urban walk I have ever been on. Expotition!**

**Hat tip to Winnie-the-Pooh.

Weird things happened that resulted in a surprise workshop!

In case you missed the announcement yesterday, I’m teaching a surprise (SURPRISE!) workshop in San Francisco.

This was a fairly exciting part of my week because it was a surprise even for me, and because it’s going to be absolutely fantastic. And because eight people signed up yesterday.

And I know some of them and they’re awesome.

[EDIT: Whoop! Already sold out. Sorry.]

Also, even if you’re nowhere near San Francisco, you should really go to the hastily-scrawled page and read my amusing rant about how the coupon code only works if you press the APPLY COUPON button.

Because oh, I’m hilarious.

Well, I amuse myself at least … and that’s something else that belongs in the “good” category. Good thing there isn’t a “wry” category, because it would definitely have to go there instead.

And … STUISMS of the week.

Stu is my paranoid McCarthy-ist voice-to-text software who delights in torturing me misunderstanding me. I can’t stand him.

My favorites this week were all of his pathetic attempts to “translate” the phrase compassionate communication, which Stu likes to call compassionate vindication.

(He also likes compassionate truncation.)

Anyway, the gems from this week, including Stu’s acetyl Freudian slips.

  • now help for this is firming instead of “how helpful this is for me”
  • print this please instead of “parenthesis”
  • wheels so Foran instead of “feels so foreign”
  • meritless things (also American listings) instead of “miraculous things”
  • Cumber stations with monster’s instead of “Conversations with monsters”
  • why Philly instead of “my belief”
  • his votes to this thing instead of “let’s do this thing”
  • you don’t want a standard hurry instead of “you don’t want to stand in her way”.
  • So let’s tame this into A/UX instead of “So let’s take this in chunks”
  • I was is supposed to pronounce this for our Virgo instead of “I was supposed to announce this forever ago”
  • people will hang at my meme beach house instead of “people will hate me and be jealous”

That’s it for me …

And yes yes yes, of course you can join in my Friday ritual right here in the comments bit if you feel like it.

Yeah? Anything hard and/or good happen in your week?

And, as always, have a glorrrrrrrrrrrrious weekend. And a happy week to come.

The Fluent Self