Friday chickenBecause it’s Friday AGAIN. And because traditions are important. In which I cover the good stuff and the hard stuff in my week, trying for the non-preachy, non-annoying side of self-reflection.

And you get to join in if you feel like it.

Eighty Chickens. Yeesh.

Time flies when you do a completely non-interesting thing every week.

Oh, my lovely Chickeneers of the High Seas! Unite in the crappiness that is February Cranky.

Because I have a serious case of the February Cranky. Which is why there is a helluva long section of The Hard this week. Sorry about that.

The hard stuff

Oh, more business systems stuff.

Finding so many places in my business where I haven’t been on the bridge. And now big fixing to do and not in the mood.

Routines not happening.

I was a bit worried about keeping up with my daily hour of relaxation/nudity practice (which I was sure wouldn’t happen) while away on Retreat.

Weirdly, it wasn’t even an issue. Until I got back. When everything went to hell.


Changes, uncomfortableness, being flustered, more monsters.

Between the system changes and the adjustments, we’ve had a bunch of things kind of … out of order. Like the way an elevator is out of order, not like a filing cabinet.

Though, yeah. That too.

And I was teaching a Kitchen Table class about monsters and then had to deal with a bunch of stuff not working in the middle of teaching it. And gah. Not. Fun.

Worrisome conversations.

Do not like.

Ow. Head. Coordination. Floor.

Got all dizzy at Lindy Hop class.

Mostly because my gentleman friend forgot that I have to spin about seventy thousand times more than he does. And partly because I forgot to remind him.

Super-duper headache.



Monsters overload! Total sneak attack!

I’m pretty good with negotiating with my monsters and meeting them where they are.

But a bunch of them showed up at once on Toozday, and there was a real Crankypants moment.

The neighbor’s dogs.

Are sweet and gorgeous and will not stop barking. And they are driving me out of my mind.

The good stuff

Finally realizing that all this crap was related to the annual February Cranky.

That was a huge relief and I was able to calm the hell down, and get out of bed and other Useful Things.


Taxes done!

I am a happy pirate queen now that the biggest headache of the year is done.

And meeting with our pirate CPA this afternoon.

Except he doesn’t know that he’s a pirate.

Which makes me giggle every time I think about it.

Another excellent Drunk Pirate Council.

Given that I’ve spent the entire past year doing everything in my power to avoid having meetings and postpone them whenever possible, this is pretty outstanding.

Not only do I not postpone Drunk Pirate Council, I actually looked forward to it all week.

Being metaphor mouse.

Thanks to the lovely, lovely metaphors, I have been getting massive amounts of things done.

Big Shivanautical epiphanies.

Still getting my ass — mostly metaphorically — kicked by the fabulous Dance of Shiva and writing down as much as I can.

Fabulous office chair makes life better.

*wiggles toes*


My beloved Cairene MacDonald is the great fixer of systems.

I got a genius coaching session from her this week and she made everything better in about fifteen minutes.

The good that comes from post-retreat Cranky February depression?

A really good dammit list.

All sorts of things going on there now.

Effortlessness. Unexpected and awesome.

Two potentially hard things resolving themselves easily.

Much to my astonishment.

And other good things!

I baked some mostly excellent pita bread. Yum.

And Anna was visiting! And dinner with Denise. And Roller Derby tomorrow night!

And … playing live at the meme beach house!

Yes, that’s a Stuism too.

My brother and I have this thing where we come up with ridiculous band names and then say in this really pretentious, knowing tone, “Oh, well, you know, it’s just one guy.”

This week?

Monster Ambush

They’re playing in town all week. Except that it’s really just one guy.

And … STUISMS of the week.

Stu is my paranoid McCarthy-ist voice-to-text software who delights in torturing me misunderstanding me. I can’t stand him.

  • boast repeat Hank’s February obsession instead of “post-retreat Cranky February depression”
  • Sapping on Wicker instead of “Zapping the Tickler”
  • kelp me heal with iguanas instead of “help me deal with iguanas”
  • hex draw mix pettifore instead of “extra mixed metaphor”
  • compass daisy good-for-nothing mod of pathetic who’s her dump instead of “dumb-ass lazy good-for-nothing model of pathetic loserdom”

That’s it for me …

And yes yes yes, of course you can join in my Friday ritual right here in the comments bit if you feel like it.

Yeah? Anything hard and/or good happen in your week?

And, as always, have a glorrrrrrrrrrrrious weekend. And a happy week to come.

The Fluent Self