Friday chickenBecause it’s Friday AGAIN. And because traditions are important. In which I cover the good stuff and the hard stuff in my week, trying for the non-preachy, non-annoying side of self-reflection.

And you get to join in if you feel like it.


To be honest, I’m not even sure how that’s possible (because yesterday was Tuesday, right?).

But yes. Here we are. Chickening it up.

The hard stuff


Not the fun part of travel (like figuring out where to get the weirdest lasagna in Iceland — ask me!).

The annoying parts.

The getting up at dark-thirty and then finding yourself a gazillion hours later still waiting.

Being suspended in various states of nothing-is-happening interspersed by annoyance and loud beeping noises.

Oh, and then we got to the airport, only to find that they won’t let you check in until three hours before your flight.

This was eight hours before our flight. In a place that was too hot to be outside.

Turns out that sitting in an airport doing nothing before checking in is even more excruciating than just regular sitting in an airport doing nothing.

And of course I got pulled over by security.

Again. They can’t help themselves. It’s probably the duck.

And got a cold.

I’m sure it had nothing to do with my two seating companions who could not stop sneezing on me the entire time. Man, that was a terrible plane ride in about a hundred different ways.

Adjusting to Non-Vacation life.

The thing with Extremely Necessary Vacation is that — in addition to being extremely necessary, it was also this beautiful in-between period.

The coming down has not always been the gentlest.

More bots.

Error messages this week when the bad bots made the site to go down.

Lucky tech pirate Charlotte is a genius and got on it right away. It still creeps me out every time it happens though.

I still don’t have my mail.

Remember the asshats who have my mail?

So. No progress at all.

The Better Business Bureau have thrown up their impotent hands.

And the people who lease the space won’t give me real contact information for the people who have my mail. Still mad.

The good stuff


Oh, my beloved Hoppy House. How I have missed you.

Tramp tramp tramp tramp tramp tramp tramp.

I have a trampoline in my office.

As much as I love tooling around Europe teaching wackiness and being driven crazy by jackhammers … one can’t easily take one’s trampoline on a plane.

It’s really, really good to be back.

Tramp tramp tramp tramp tramp tramp. BOUNCE!

Also: toys.

My morning yoga practice is the thing that kept me sane during the traveling.

But now I’m home and I have space to move around in. And there are blocks and straps and stuff. Toys! Toys!

They aren’t necessary. But oh, they’re appreciated when they’re around.


And getting back into one.

The foods!

My gentleman friend is the best cook I know.

All this eating-at-restaurants stuff is good for practicing sovereignty but it’s nothing like the food I get to eat at home.

Seeing homemade pasta hanging from every counter-top and listening to the sounds of walnut pesto being made just for me is … I don’t have a good adjective for it. Supply your own.

My clients.

Now that I actually know what time zone I’m in again, I’ve been back to doing client sessions.

I know it’s not cool to brag about your clients. But still. Mine are so smart and so funny. And I get crazy excited about everything they’re doing. Yay.

And … playing live at the meme beach house!

Yes, that’s a Stuism too.

My brother and I have this thing where we come up with ridiculous band names and then say in this really pretentious, knowing tone, “Oh, well, you know, it’s just one guy.”

So this week, I bring you:

The Naughty Harem of Sparkles.

I wish I could explain it to you, but I can’t. It came up in one of the hilarious chat room conversations in our Kitchen Table calls and it might not have even made sense then.

Anyway, the Naughty Harem of Sparkles … it’s just one guy.

And … STUISMS of the week.

Stu is my paranoid McCarthy-ist voice-to-text software who delights in torturing me misunderstanding me. I can’t stand him.

Here we go:

  • “murderous son” instead of Marissa
  • “writable clinical second debate” instead of Right People Clinic date
  • “coordinator stats” instead of what are the next steps
  • “sovereignt over to the new hay” instead of sovereignty opportunity of the day
  • “a film for it to finish the trick in” instead of Don’t for get to finish the Chicken!
  • ” exhibiting similar Samari” instead of these are the things I’m worried about
  • “Uncle Coop and a” instead of Kung Fu Panda

That’s it for me …

And yes yes yes, of course you can join in my Friday ritual right here in the comments bit if you feel like it.

Yeah? Anything hard and/or good happen in your week?

And, as always, have a glorrrrrrrrrrrrious weekend. And a happy week to come.

The Fluent Self