Friday chickenIn which I cover the good stuff and the hard stuff in my week, trying for the non-preachy, non-annoying side of ritual and self-reflection.

And you get to join in if you feel like it.

The craziest part about this crazy week of crazy is that it’s not even over yet.

I’m running around like, well, a chicken (head still on, I hope), trying to get things done before the weekend and then aaaaaaaaaagh pesach. Let’s see.

The hard stuff

Noise noise noise noise.

This week we were at Rally (Rally!) because it was Rally #8, and yay, Rally is the best.

Except the building next door was under constant repair, and there was endless hammering and banging and drilling.

It was unbelievably distracting, and made everything extra-challenging.

And then I got locked out of my house. In the pouring rain.

While the Gentleman Friend was away.

When all I wanted to do was to crawl into bath and bed, and eat something warm.

Hooray for neighbors with keys. I was such the miserable mouse until they showed up.



While it is nice to have an explanation for why I suddenly hate everything with great passion, it is still not any fun.

Trouble concentrating.

Too many projects, too much input, too much to think about, and all that noise.

Some not-good news that I can’t do anything about.

Frustrating and hard.


It’s annoying.

Time! It constantly seems like there isn’t enough of it.

And pesach starts Monday, and that is both ridiculous and impossible.

So much still to clean! On the other hand, at least I can look forward to eating kneidelach, so onward to the good.

The good stuff

Rally! Rally!

We played, we wrote, we flailed, we projectized.

People wrote business plans, changed their businesses, worked on their writing, took lots of naps, designed products and generally did extraordinary things.

And it was fun and hilarious and sweet. A lovely group. Rally! I live for Rally.

Huge progress on so many things.

The Shiva Nata iPhone app is really moving forward.

As are several other projects. This is good!

Shivanautical epiphanies, as ordered.

Lots of big, unlikely understandings and insights.

Not sure how to use them yet, but really excited about the new direction.

I made the most awesome treasure map!

It was this giant arts and crafts project at the Playground.

My monsters were not happy about it, because they couldn’t get how it was going to help my business. But then it did, of course.

Metaphors plus scissors plus sparkly paper plus glue. It was so much fun. I wish Joseph could have been there.

The Playground has a new fairy door.

It’s pink and charming, and there is a bucket in front that holds some very tiny boots.

We already have this highly entertaining tradition of regularly moving the fairy door, so that it’s always somewhere else.

Now that there are two of these, it’s fairies in and out all over the place. Apparently.

Anyway, the Playground is a very special place. And getting to spend the week there dreaming up projects was seriously wonderful.

Taught a very funny Shiva Nata class.

We made up words for the various positions.

Clarity, Knowing, Love and Bad-assery for the horizontals. Floop, Poink, Kachow and Boom for the verticals.

So as we progressed we ended up getting increasingly complex and ridiculous combinations, like Clarity-Boom! Or Poink-Love!

And sentences like Know your Floop in order to be a Bad-ass Kachow. Yes, that was level 2 transquarters, baby.

Had to be there, I guess. It was AMAZING and brain-break-ey.


Rose City’s Wheels of Justice are taking on the B.A.D. Girls, and this is extremely exciting and I cannot stop talking/thinking about it. Just look at that picture of Sully Skullkicker getting around Demanda Riot!

Every time we bout against Bay Area, it’s super stressful.

I am going to have no voice at all come Monday.

And can I just point out how great it is that five of the top six (derby-nerd-ranked) roller derby teams in North America are in the west coast division? And how that also makes it nearly impossible to ever get to nationals?

Take it from me. These are very exciting times.

And … playing live at the meme beach house it’s the Fake Band of the Week!

My brother and I have this thing where we come up with ridiculous band names and then say in this really pretentious, knowing tone, “Oh, well, you know, it’s just one guy.”

This week’s band comes to us via the inimitable @sfslim.

Anarchist Beer Fairy

This one actually is just one guy.

And some good stuff I read this week.

I was hardly online at all because of Rally, but two things you should definitely look at:

Even if you don’t follow the game, this piece by Zach Dundas is a terrific read about culture.

And Kat’s post about two minimum daily requirements is the most perfect thing ever.

That’s it for me …

And of course you can join in my Friday ritual right here in the comments if you feel like it.

Yes? Anything hard and/or good happen in your week?

And, as always, have a glorrrrrrrrrrrrious day, a restful weekend and a happy week to come. Shabbat shalom.

p.s. It’s okay if it’s not Friday anymore. There’s complete chicken amnesty — you can join in whenever (or not) and it’s no big deal.

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