hey sweet friends

I have a situation that requires me to
take a break from Shmita

— to temporarily rest from the resting
for the purpose of deeper resting later? —

this means I am back in the beautiful fields
(hello, fields)
so that we can can offer some magic
for the upcoming year

and also generate some funds which are needed
as we glow good things into the world….

guess what!

we’re throwing a flash sale

like a constellation of joy sparks
a fountaining of radiant star points

for a few days only: flash!

I sat for a long time feeling into what I wanted
what felt yes
what I could make available this year
and came up with some absolutely amazing things

and I’m not actually feeling the pull (yet?)
to talk about why these things are amazing
(possibly because my mind is full with the making
so I haven’t arrived yet at the place of describing!)

this is why

I am offering special-special extra-early prices for
the people (you, I hope) who already know this stuff will be incredible
and don’t require explanations

this means I get to focus on creating instead of copywriting
and you get the sweet deal
and there is a generous fountaining of sparklepoints and glad-heart appreciation
for all of us



here as with everything else
let us enter as we wish to be in it

I’m noticing a little trepidation about posting this
so I am going to meet this with
love, curiosity, permission, acknowledgment, legitimacy

and take eight breaths
one in each direction
a compass to steady the entry

North: TRUST
Northeast: RELEASE
East: LOVE
Southeast: RECEIVE
Southwest: CROWN
West: GLOW
Northwest: BOLDLY

and combining these

Boldly trust the releasing with love
receive the anchored crown that glows

Boldly glowing both crown and anchor,
receiving love, to release into trust

Love the glow, trust the anchor, receive the crown, release boldly
Glow the love, anchor the trust, the crown of receiving the bold releasing
Trust in love, release and receive, anchor the glow, be crowned in boldness
Boldly crowned with glowing anchors, receiving and releasing to love and trust

ahhh that feels so much better now

you’re invited

and here’s the briefest invitation:

come to my flash sale!

and whether or not now is the right time for you
to take part
come and simply
enjoy with me the beautiful fields
the work that has been done
the spirit with which this wonder has come into being

here’s the page: https://www.fluentself.com//spark
and the password: sweetdoors

may it be received with as much love as that from which it was made

thank you for being a part of my world

and you are invited to leave
any flashes, sparks, happy sound effects,
or expressions of joy, enthusiasm or appreciation
in the comments if you feel like it
I would love the company

The Fluent Self