A small and important thing I need to say today.

You do not have to take on the sadness of the world.

Oh, dear heart.

You do not have to take on the sadness of the world.

You just don’t.

You don’t need to carry it. You don’t need to hold it.

That’s not your job, sweetie.


  1. All sadness and pain are legitimate, of course. We feel what we feel, and we are allowed to feel it.
  2. Not holding onto the pain of people or places does not mean you have to give it back to them or that they will now have more of it. That is a distortion.
  3. You can give the world’s sadness to the fountain. Or into the pot. Or to give it to the pool or the trees. Or to the magical elevator shaft that lives at the Hidden Playground.
  4. This is not the same as “leave your baggage at the door.” Not at all. You are always allowed to have your baggage. We learn about it and play with it and discover what is true about it and what is also true. This is about releasing pain that does not belong to you.
  5. It means undoing instead of absorbing. It means staying in your space so you can bring strength and love to every encounter, including encounters with pain that is not yours.
  6. Sometimes sadness that is not yours will remind you of the sadness that is yours. It is true that we all have sadness. However, these are not the same. Separate out. Don’t agree to let sadness amplify sadness. You can meet the sadness that is yours and still release the sadness that is theirs.
  7. Sometimes memories of sadness from then make the sadness from now feel louder or more all-encompassing. Now Is Not Then.
  8. Safe rooms can help. Or making tiny homes for the parts of you currently experiencing amplified sadness. Another way of coming back to truth.
  9. This piece of radiant truth, like so many, is brought to you by self-fluency, being a clear conduit for knowing all the deep internal knowings. If that sounds thrilling, yes. If that sounds terrifying, I’m right there with you. Having superpowers is both harder and easier than it sounds.
  10. These are hard times. We make room for the experiences that come up in hard times.
  11. LOVE.
  12. Responding. The blanket fort of response.

    I am currently receiving: heart-sighs, smiles.

    You can plant a tree for the sadness or for someone else who is in sadness. You can spark sparks. You can light a stick of imaginary incense that smells exactly the way you like and let it burn away the sadness that is not yours. Or to burn away the old habit-pattern of needing to absorb what is not yours.

    You can silent retreat or leave tiny little pebbles.

    You can pour tears into the fountain. That is what it is there for. Or if your sadness is Colorado’s sadness, you could give it to the mountains. They know what to do.

    Or they might. I am imagining that they do.

    Above all else, this is a place of safety and love. Non-dogmatic autonomous play-filled safety and love.

The Fluent Self