Me: Hallloooo? Who doesn’t want to write this post? Is it the topic? Or is it that you don’t want me to write any posts?
Voice: What’s The Point.
Me: Oh, there you are, constantly-discouraged me.

Voice: Don’t call me that.
Me: What do you want to be called?
Voice: The Truth Forever And Ever!
Me: No, really. What do you want to be called that I might actually call you?
Me: Oh. Come on, distractor mouse. I understand if you don’t want to give a name. I still want to know who I’m dealing with.
Voice: What’s The Point.

What is true?

Me: Okay, WTP. What’s true about your position?
WTP: There is no damn point. Blah, blah, write a post. No one flipping cares. Why are you wasting your time? What’s the point.
Me: So if there’s no point and it doesn’t matter either way, it’s kind of interesting that you’re so invested in stopping me. If it doesn’t matter, what’s it to you if I write the post anyway? What’s your interest in this?
WTP: I love you. I want you to thrive. Writing posts is not thriving.
Me: Interesting. What is thriving to you? Tell me about thriving.
WTP: You should be doing what you need to do.
Me: And what’s that?
WTP: Building XXXXXXXXXXX. That’s where your passion is. Anything else takes away from it.

What is true?

Me: And you don’t see any connection between that and writing? Isn’t writing how I process things? And also: yesterday when I *was* working on XXXXXXXXXXX, didn’t you also have a lot of What’s-the-pointing to say about that?
WTP: What’s the point.
Me: What do you need? What would help you feel safe and supported?
WTP: I want you to be happy.
Me: Is that your mission?
WTP: Yes.

Supporting the mission.

Me: Well, I support that mission. And I want to help. I’m still not clear on how regularly saying What’s The Point helps with that mission.
WTP: Just trying to keep on track.
Me: Keep on track?
WTP: There’s a track.
Me: Here’s the interesting part, for me. In my experience, when you say What’s The Point, I get derailed. So then I’m NOT on track.
WTP: Interruption is important.

Interruption is important.

Me: Of course interruption is important. I agree with you. That’s what the post we were writing was about. About pushing the reset button. Taking time out. It’s just that there are different kinds of interruption, like…
Me: You know at a Roller Derby bout how everything changes after a time-out?
WTP: Yeah. Everything is better.
Me: Yup. The girls get back into their force fields. They find their flow.
WTP: That’s also why it’s good to call the jam off even in a power jam situation if you’re getting stuck behind the pack, just to kind of reset things. Start fresh.


Me: Exactly! So during that time out, it’s the job of the bench coach to help the skaters push the reset button. To help them get back out on the track and change things up. Do you think the coach calls a time out to say What’s The Point.
WTP: No.
Me: We know what happens when skaters go into What’s The Point mode.
WTP: Like at Regionals. It’s no good. You gotta keep trying! You gotta keep moving!
Me: Right. You take time out to give legitimacy to the frustration and pain, and then you refocus and try something new.
WTP: Totally!
Me: So how come you keep saying What’s The Point?
WTP: I’m so scared.

I can’t stop you.

Me: Oh! Tell me what you are scared about.
WTP: That you will love too much. You love your business too much. You love Shiva Nata too much. You love all of it too much. I want you to not care so much so you won’t get hurt.
Me: Oh. Oh, sweetheart. That is a hard burden to walk around with. All that worry.
WTP: What’s The Point. Worrying is stupid. I should stop worrying.
Me: If only it worked that way. I worry too. It’s okay. Worry is normal.
WTP: So you’re saying that I can’t stop you.
Me: If what you want is to help me remember to pause (paws!), then I would like that kind of stopping. An encouraging kind of stopping, though.


Me: Uh, no.
WTP: Kidding. Kidding. I would never say that.
Me: Good.
WTP: What about something like Time Out, Please!
Me: Works for me!

And there were sandwiches for everyone.

And there were sandwiches for everyone.


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