very personal adsPersonal ads! They’re … personal! Very.

So my itty bitty personal ads made me realize that it’s time to make a regular practice of trying to feel okay asking for stuff.

Even when the asking thing feels weird and conflicted.

Ever since I posted the first one asking my perfect house to find me, which united me with Hoppy House, I have been a fan of the madness that is personal ads.

And now it’s my weekly ritual. Yay, ritual!

Let’s do this thing.

Thing 1: a successful Non-Emergency Vacation.

Here’s what I want:

I’ve scheduled an actual Planned Vacation. As opposed to my standard, traditional have a nervous breakdown vacation. I know. Shocking.

This is what I’ll be doing this week instead of being in Austin for SXSW. Yes, it’s my own personal JWNS (Just West No South).

What I want is this:






And of course I want my business pirate ship to sail smooth seas while I’m away from the wheel.

Ways this could work:

I can keep having regular Drunk Pirate Council (that’s what we call “meetings”) while away.

I can come up with some sort of solution to keep the blog feeling loved (see next VPA).

And it could just work.

My commitment.

To breathe.

To trust.

To take notes.

To eat nachos and laugh hysterically.

Thing 2: posties

Here’s what I want:

Since I’ll be on Intentional Non-Emotional-Collapse Vacation, I won’t be writing a lot of blog posts.

But I don’t like to abandon the blog. And I really am not into guest posts. Hmm. Maybe there’s some sort of compromise there.

Like I could take a shorter break and then catch up on some Ask Havi posts that have been waiting for attention.

Or do a collection of Metaphor Mouse posts.


Ways this could work:

Not sure yet.

My commitment.

To be open to creative solutions that might surprise me.

To be playful.

To talk to my business and find out what it thinks.

Thing 3: Insights.

Here’s what I want:

I’m in the middle of putting together a bunch of new products and programs for a launch brunch for the new Playground studio.

And while I’m off on Non-Emergency Vacation all of this will be waiting for me.

So what I want is to have insights and understandings about the various next steps while I’m busy not working on this project.

Here’s how I want this to work:

Various Shivanautical epiphanies, small and large.

The genius effects of not doing.

Stuff can come up in dreams. It can come up in conversations, at the Twitter bar or in whatever form is right for it.

The trees can whisper secrets to me if they want to. I don’t mind.

My commitment.

To do Shiva Nata every day — even if it’s just five minutes.

To walk and walk and walk.

To ask questions. To go to bed early. To write. To be curious.

And to give myself permission to just have fun, assuming that whatever insights need to come are already winging their way to me.

Progress report on past Very Personal Ads.

Just to update you on what’s happened since last time.

Well, last week I didn’t so much ask for anything as write a love letter to my business on the occasion of its fifth (or fourth) birthday.

And I have to say that, while I wasn’t expecting anything to change based on that, I have had the sense this week that my business and I have gotten closer.

I realize that sounds kind of screwed up. But there you have it. Closer.

It’s lovely, really.

Comments. Since I’m already asking …

I am adding to my practice of asking for stuff by being more specific about what I would like to receive in the comments.

Here’s what I want (just leave them in the comments):

  • Your own personal ads, small or large. Things you’ve asked for. Or are asking for. Or would like to ask for. Or updates on last time!

What I would rather not have:

  • Reality theories.
  • Shoulds. As in, “You should be doing it like this” or “That’s not the right way to ask for things — instead it should be like x, y and z”
  • To be judged or psychoanalyzed.
  • Advices.

My commitment.

I am committing to getting better at asking for things even when asking feels weird.

Thanks for doing this with me!

The Fluent Self