I have been thinking a lot lately about what I know. Examining the edges of it.

And also about the relationship between knowing that something is true (or true for you), and actually knowing it.

You know, getting it in a visceral, powerful, spine-tingly way so that it’s rooted in your consciousness and you cannot unknow it even if sometimes you forget.

Writing about this kind of wisdom is, of course, hugely problematic because most epiphanies sound embarrassingly obvious when you put them into words.

Still. It seemed like a useful exercise to take stock of some important things I’ve learned (mostly the hard way). And remember when these bits of wisdom found me.*

* The title refers to a something I wrote when my friend died.

What I know from Svevo, my favorite uncle.

There is nothing wrong with taking two naps a day.

Work is greatly overrated.

Your own way? Is actually a perfectly good way.

Going around things and going through things are both options. There is choice.

It is possible to do radically subversive things in a way that’s playful and lighthearted.

And what I know from yoga.

Speak truth. Have compassion.

And: It is not only possible, but desirable for both of these things to take place at the same time.

Anything that seems like a paradox is not. Including this.

Nonviolence trumps everything.

My body is my home.

From Andrey, my teacher.


Wisdom is to be shared.

Always be learning, reading, asking, innovating, re-imagining, turning things upside down.

Everything I thought was a sign of crazy was actually a sign of gifts.

My mind is my home.

From Paul.

People vary.

It is worth asking what the functional reason is for everything you do.

My spine is my home.

From Orna.

Any emotion is legitimate.
Letting yourself be where you are is what lets you move out of it.

If someone throws a shoe at you, it’s about them, not you.
But you still get to say, hey throwing shoes is not okay.

You cannot feel at home in the world if you do not feel at home in yourself.

My actual job is learning to be at home. To be welcoming towards myself so I can do that with other people.

From my very first business mentor.

No, really. Rest.

When things aren’t working, get on the dance floor or the yoga floor or any floor and move your body.

Fun is a legitimate thing to value in business.

My business is also a place where I get to feel at home.

From my monsters.

Everything in my life wants me to be safe.

Even the hardest, most painful things have some kind of kernel of love in them.

That doesn’t mean I have to like them though.

Acknowledging pain and giving it legitimacy is the best way to get it to move.

That includes legitimacy for the part of me that doesn’t want to give my pain attention and love.

From Shiva Nata.

Anything can be taken apart into its elements and turned into something else.

Everything you know is wrong.

Chaos is useful.

Giving yourself permission to be terrible at something is as liberating as it is challenging.

There is tremendous power inside of you.

My brain is my home. My neurons are home. I am the eye of the storm.

From Hiro

You can’t get milk from a stone, sweetie.

It’s up to you to take responsibility for the ecology of your life.

That’s what sovereignty is about.

Not giving a damn about what other people think is totally a spiritual practice.

Related: humor is one of the most unappreciated and most valuable spiritual qualities there is. Worth remembering.

My life is my home.

Miscellaneous conclusion-ey stuff.

This is not by any means a complete list.

And really, the important part is not the bits of wisdom themselves, but how to take those crazy flashes of knowing and integrate them into the rest of your life.

Why this is on my mind:

I created the Playground so that Selma and I could teach in person. So it could be a home for this work.

Because in person we can implement the stuff we talk about here. We can use physical practice and delightfully wacky things to ground the knowing so that we can act on it and live it and all that good stuff.

Here’s the dilemma.

First, it’s hard to explain in words that something like Camp Biggification isn’t about giving you information, but about getting your body and brain onboard with the stuff you already know.

So you can go home and trust that you’re going to be approaching everything differently.

Second, it’s driving me crazy that I haven’t found a way to teach the implementation/integration part on the blog. There are just some things that need a designated time and space and tools for a certain kind of magic to happen.

Still pondering that one.

And comment zen for today …

The wisdom here is all stuff that is true for me.

It doesn’t mean that it has to be true for you or that you have to adopt it. Or that I won’t like you just as much if you don’t want it to be yours.

People vary, as Paul says. We need different things at different times.

If you want to share bits of your own acquired wisdom in the comments, that would be lovely. I would like that.

p.s. Two more sleeps until Playground! Come do fun-brewing with me and send love!

The Fluent Self