The wall is not the impediment to the destination.

The wall is not the distraction keeping you from the destination.

The wall is the thing that contains vital information to help you arrive at the destination.

And this.

How you interact with the wall is directly related to how you will find your destination.

The more time you spend finding out what the purpose of the wall is, the more ease and support there is on the way.

Get on board with the secret mission of the wall,* and discard the mechanism,** and you will change the wall forever.

* It wants to keep you safe.
** Its various attempts to paralyze you with fear or keep you stalled.

Because of this.

Every time you change how you approach your walls, you change how you end up at the destination.

And how you will feel when you’re there.

This is true for projectizing. It is true for destuckifying. It is true for biggification. It is true for relationships. This post brought to you by what happens to my brain when I do Shiva Nata.

The Fluent Self