I have been making a collection of results and side effects that often come from being on Rally (Rally!) and projectizing up a storm at the Playground.

This has been a very entertaining experiment, and works well with the Playground User Manual and the Re-Entry Survival Kit, two projects I will be using Rally to finish.

And then two Rallies ago, someone pointed out a thing I’d already been thinking but hadn’t wanted to say out loud because it sounds crazy and what if it’s only true in my head.

But apparently if you’ve been on Rally, you already know about this, because everyone there agreed:

People are WAY better looking at Rally. Everyone.

Everyone becomes more attractive at Rally.

I’m not entirely sure why this is.

At first I assumed it had to be the flattering lighting.

Or a combination of that and how we’re all way more relaxed and happy than usual.

But Rally-ites (Rallions?) were reporting that during and after Rally, other people were noticing. Outside people.

Casey said that people always ask her if she’s lost weight. And then she’s all Uh, no. I was at Rally…

And I always find that people on the street seem to be smiling at me more when it’s Rally. And yes, Portlanders are a smiley crowd. But it’s something else.

So I’ve been asking my fellow Rally mice what they’ve noticed and what’s up with that.

Everyone agrees that yes, it is definitely a thing, but why?!

Here’s what came up when we talked about.

I’m not sure that any one of these things can work as a theory, but together you get a sense of something.

The Playground glow.

“There’s a Playground glow!”

“I always feel more attractive here. Permission floods my body. There’s so much more permission in my life, and I can extend it to all of me. It means I’m much more at home in myself and comfortable in my body and in how I move.”

Freedom and autonomy too:

“It’s having all that freedom from care-taking: reduced anxiety about what other people are thinking or how they are reacting.”

“I think it’s the autonomy. You really are in charge of your own experience here, and your relationship with your project and your time and your space. There is so much power in that. I stand taller. I smile more…”

And the napping.

“Definitely all the napping. I nap like, at least twice a day when I’m on Rally, because it just feels so comfortable. And so I’m getting a lot done but also weirdly relaxed.”

Related to napping:

“Being in an environment of total non-judgment.”

“Play! Being around stuffed animals and hiding in blanket forts and wearing costumes and drawing with markers. It puts you back into that radiance of youth.”

Everyone agreed with this one:

“Yes! You’re shiny and happy because you’re sovereign — you don’t care what other people think. No one can tell you that you’re playing wrong. You know how to play!”

The comfortable-ness.

Like this:

“You get to see other people in their beauty and radiance, what they’re like when they’re comfortable being themselves, and then you love them even more.”

“It’s more comfortable to be around other people who are enjoying themselves.

And the thing that someone says at nearly ever single Rally:

“I’ve been more authentically myself over the past few days than ever in the rest of my life, since I was a little kid.”

It’s crazy. But in a good way. I am liking this crazy.

Right? Back me up if you’ve rallied or been to the Playground!

This is a thing. And it makes no sense, still. But it’s a thing.

Does it last?

I don’t know. You tell me. How long do we carry Rally glow with us?

And really, I am going to have to run some studies with people who have done multiple Rallies or other Playground events to see what their experience is like.

And an unlikely opportunity.

The next Rally starts the evening of Monday, March 14. That is in a week! A week!

We have arranged for Jillian, who is a terrific photographer and Friend of The Fluent Self to be there to do a no-cost blog headshot session with anyone at the Rally who wants one.

If you’re there, you can get a wonderful high-quality headshot photo of you to use on your blog, website, whatever, while you just happen to be looking your absolute most radiant and confident.

I’m getting one too, and I am so excited.

We’ve had bizarre turnover for this one — so if you want a Stowawayship scholarship, do that quickly. That is all.

Some translations, if you have no idea what I’m talking about:

The Playground is the the center I founded where we practice living the stuff that I write about here, and we destuckify and it’s very laid back and extremely fun.

A Rally is where we spend three and a half days making big, crazy progress on any project at all (an ebook? a product? an art project? a business idea? the Book of You?), in the most comfortable, supportive, magical environment imaginable.

With presents and snacks and star shows and other delightful-but-impossible-to-describe things.

And comment zen for today?

The usual stuff applies about giving everyone room to have their own experience.

If you’ve been on a Rally and have a theory about why we’re hotter there, or why it is so magical, or why its magic is so hard to explain, I’d love to hear it.

Or if you just want to say YAY RALLY.

Or if you want to build an imaginary blanket fort here. Because that’s always fun.


The Fluent Self