So I’ve basically been in bed for three days now.

Except for teaching the Shiva Nata class at the Playground last night, which was crazy and beautiful and impossible to describe.

But mostly bed. Recovery mode from the weekend that may or may not have been eaten by bears.

And since my whole thing is consciously interacting with whatever is going on, I have been using this Time In Bed to ask a bunch of questions.

And here they are.

These are the questions that I scribbled on in my Notebook of Recovery Time in Bed. I used them for stone skipping practice.

In no particular order…

  • If I were to rewrite the weekend that resulted in being here now, what would I do differently?
  • What are the parts that I would do again?
  • What does this remind me of? Any elements that feel familiar?
  • Who else has played my opposite role in this situation in the past?
  • What’s my pattern here? And am I doing it now? Yes, yes I am.
  • What are my options now for consciously and lovingly interrupting this pattern?
  • Any scared parts of me from then who need attention and/or safe rooms?
  • Talk to the resentment. What does it know?
  • Hello, “You’ll Never Get Out Of Bed Again”. You must be one of my fuzzball monsters. What do you need in order to feel safe?
  • Would you like to do some coloring?
  • What am I sorry about?
  • I forgive myself for __________ because ___________.
  • Another person I want to forgive is __________ because ____________.
  • What’s the most unexpected thing I could do right now that would still feel safe, supportive and congruent?
  • If I had stronger, clearer, healthier boundaries, I’d probably…
  • The version of me who’s really clear about sovereignty — what would she do?
  • Slightly Future Me has already resolved this. What does she wish I knew?
  • Without negating the legitimacy of the hard and painful bits, what is useful about this experience?
  • What am I learning from this Time in Bed that is going to serve me well with my mission? Note! I don’t have to know what my mission is in order to answer this question.
  • What’s next?
  • What needs to change in my kingdom?

Your mileage may vary.

These might not be your questions.

Sometimes a question isn’t your question. There’s nothing wrong with you and there’s nothing wrong with the question. It’s just that — at this particular moment in time — it’s not a match. That’s okay.

These questions might remind you of other questions.

Or interacting with one of the questions here might lead you to the question that you need.

The main thing is, we try things.

We operate from the following assumption: in any given situation, we have the right to play. To interact, to experiment, to find out what we need.

Play and questions are friends. What if things were like THIS? What if I tried THAT?

Play with meeeee! And the giant comment zen blanket fort.

If you would like to ask yourself any of these questions about a situation you’re currently in, go for it.

If you’d like to invent new questions and share them (or not), that’s cool too.

If you’d like to donate some imaginary pillows to the Refueling Station, I’d like that too.

As always, we all have our stuff and we’re all working on our stuff. We let people have their own experience and so we don’t tell each other what to do or how to feel. We practice.

Happy (possibly Blustery) Windsday!

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