I went on an outing yesterday to buy some more presents for my tiny sweet thing.

That’s my beautiful Playground that I have been waiting for, dreaming of and dancing into reality these past few months.

Here is what we have so far:

— a baby blanket, of course.
— blocks and straps for Old Turkish Lady yoga.
— incense
— candles!
— a giant bowl of monsters
— two things to hang on the wall
— a singing bowl from Nepal that Hiro gave me.
— a bell from my favorite uncle.
— a mezuzah
— books
— water dispenser
— tea kettle
— bubble-bears!
— pirate costumes
— many silly hats (including my infamous pink angora beret)

And some of what we are waiting on, until the lease is signed:

— the hammock for the Refueling Station.
— the stage (it’s partially built)
— the floor (we’ve picked it out but haven’t picked it up)
— flowers
— a gorgeous lamp from Mary
— chairs
— cushions
— glasses for water and tea (already picked out)

A promise.

I was so moved by the spirit of Hiro’s lovely comment yesterday, which I have to quote here.

She whispered to her tiny, sweet thing:

My commitment: The porch light is lit for you. A warm bed and a fragrant bath waiting for you. Hyacinths bloom in a vase on your night stand. And a feast simmers on the stove to celebrate your arrival!

And then to mine:

My commitment: I’ll help Havi light sparkly Playground candles for you. We’ll stock up on bubble-blowing supplies, toys, costumes and other gleeful stuff. We’ll have a great party to celebrate the Gorgeousness of You.


And so.

Here is my promise to the Playground that is coming in:

To welcome you in so many ways. To make sure you know that you are loved and adored.

To remember.

A silly, happy, joyful welcoming.

It’s not quite a party yet.

But it’s growing.

I’m passing around little glasses of champagne. And invisible whistles. If you want to wear one of my awesome hats, you’re more than welcome to.

Not ready to say the first hellos yet. But so, so, so close.

And comment zen for today …

You all get to be fairy godmothers, of course.

So any loving welcoming wishes you want to make for the Playground will be received with pleasure. It’s coming into form. I can feel it.

Also: please no advice or warnings about “not counting chickens”. I count chickens every Friday (we’re up to ninety so far), and it hasn’t done any harm yet. Thank you!

The Fluent Self