So a while ago I wrote about superpowers.

Actually, I write about superpowers kind of a lot. Remember Joseph? That kid was the best.

Superpowers are important.

When we’re rallying it up at Rally (Rally!), we invent/invoke superpowers all the time.

Usually while we’re Schmurphling, which involves throwing things (badly) and also butt-monsters.

Anyway, I need to tell you about this so that I can describe this new and marvelous thing that is the Book of Superpowers.

Or possibly the Anthology of Superpowers. It has not been decided yet.

Local customs regarding superpowers….

In my mostly-imaginary cultural tour guide to the fascinating world of the Playground, there would definitely be a very thorough and ever-expanding section about local customs.

So pretend this is the section about Superpowers.

As you might imagine, there are certain agreed-upon conventions of this process of naming superpowers at Rally.

Here they are:

  1. You can always declare silent retreat! You don’t have to come up with superpowers.
  2. Superpowers are not finite. If someone else names a superpower that you would like to have, you can have it too. There is enough for everyone.
  3. No, really. Consciously deciding to bring the power that someone else asked for into your life/space/force-field does not in any way diminish their power.
  4. There is no limit on how many superpowers you can have. Lovingly examine the internal rules that say if you have X, you have to give up Y.
  5. We always invoke the superpower of being able to believe that you’re allowed to have more superpowers!
  6. If you don’t want anyone to know what superpowers you desire, you can secretly think of superpowers and throw them into the pot. Or bring them to the fountain.

And there are always bonus superpowers for anyone who wants…

In fact, let’s name some superpowers right now.

Because then it will be even more awesome when I tell you the next part.

These are just SOME of the superpowers we have called upon at this September Rally (Rally #13!).

And we’re not even done. We have all of today. With another two rounds of madcap Shivanauttery, not to mention the Final Chickening.

But here are some.

“The superpower I’d like to have right now is…”

  • To make myself perfectly understood at all times.
  • To know everything there is to know about the healing properties of sparkles…
  • Being receptive to what is already there.
  • Ignoring what other people think.
  • The power of being able to talk to plants and receive their truth and believe everything they say.
  • Super visual clarity: to see into the heart of the matter without obfuscations.
  • Power, strength and balance.
  • To be able to communicate my New York elbows without having to explain!
  • The ability to start anything I’m afraid of (just to start!).
  • To be in many places at once.
  • Instant relaxation!
  • To remember to take care of myself while traveling.
  • Internal earplugs for all internal chatter — they also keep out other people’s stuff.
  • A force field accessory that allows in those select few ideas that will make my project easier and keeps out the ones that will make it harder.
  • Transposition! Switching places with people when it’s mutually beneficial and agreed-upon.
  • I can instantly appear anywhere someone is talking about me.
  • Unstoppable serenity!
  • To conjure a bubble of silence and darkness at will — no sensory input!
  • Agility.
  • Overnight recovery.
  • Instant awesome hairdo change at will!
  • Always knowing what to do next.
  • To really and truly believe in my superpowers.

Here’s the neat part.

And not just from this Rally, but from every Rally we’ve had.

The superpowers we call on end up coming true in some weird and unlikely way.

Or sometimes in a really obvious way (because epiphanies are stooopid!).

And sometimes even in a literal and immediate way.

The person who asked for balance and strength discovered the next morning that it was suddenly WAY easier to get up the stairs in his chair.

The person who asked for the ability to fall asleep instantly got her wish the very next night.

The person from two Rallies ago who channeled the superpower of being able to appreciate softness ended up filling her house with cushions after Rally, and now she really does appreciate softness.

Some powers take longer to figure out. But it’s always neat to name them and watch them float around the Playground like buoyant, colorful, happy bubbles.

So. The Anthology of Superpowers.

It’s so much fun to discover what superpowers people think of, crave, desire, invent, and gwish into being.

And not just fun, but often really moving or inspiring.

So I am collecting.

And we are going to make a giant binder at Rally.

With one or two powers to a page. And maybe illustrations, if people feel like illustrating.

Until we have a massive accumulation of collective superpowers to flip through, read and choose from. And add to!

I am very excited about this. It will be the companion book to the PLUM (the Playground User Manual) and to the Book of Yum (the growing compendium of good things to eat in the neighborhood).

Also one day it might be another coloring book. We’ll see.

Superpowers help.

This particular Rally isn’t even over yet, but the results, realizations, epiphanies and surprises people are already having this week are shiny and amazing.


  1. The person who discovered their book. Discovery!
  2. “Oh! I can nap on my issues instead of napping to avoid them: napping can be a way of planting solutions!”
  3. Someone finished a project on the first day that she’d thought would take her all week!
  4. “The realization that the thing I thought I hate most is sometimes also the thing I crave/need.”
  5. “Some desires that I thought were paradoxical can actually help each other out. They can co-exist!”
  6. After a day of interacting with some walls and creatively sneaking around the stuck, one woman then accomplished “a year’s worth of personal growth and about six weeks of project work in about two hours”

Yes, Rally is outrageously great for so many reasons. But you know what really helps? All the superpowers floating around.

And the way the naming of the powers you want lets you identify the ones you already have.

Play with me! And comment zen for today…

If you would like to invent and invoke superpowers and list them here, you are welcome to. That would be awesome.

If you would like to take any of the superpowers that I mentioned, go for it. There is enough to go around.

If you would like to say “SILENT RETREAT!!!”, just because you can, that’s cool too.

We all have our stuff. We let everyone have their stuff. We don’t tell each other what to do or how to feel. We play.

Tiny Rally-related postscripts!

  1. If you’re longing to escape American Thanksgiving, there’s 1 spot left for the extra-long Great Ducking Out Rally. Next week we’ll probably open registration for November 2012.
  2. According to a note from the First Mate, 2012 Rallies are filling up. The ones closest to getting slapped with an orange SOLD OUT sticker: January, March, April and June.
  3. The list of dates for the 2012 Rallies: on the Rally page. Rally! Prices go up in January.
  4. If you need a Stowawayship Scholarship-ship, go here.

I think that’s everything!

Love, as always, to the commenter mice, the Beloved Lurkers and everyone who reads.

The Fluent Self