C is for the golden compass.

C is for courage.

C is for crown. C is for costumes.

And it’s good enough for me.

By which I mean:

“C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me.”

C is for cookie, and not all monsters like them, but some do!

And also: that it is good. It is good enough. It is good enough for me. It is good enough and it is for me. It works for me.

These are the things that I see when I see C.

These are the things that I see when I see C.

C is also for the chocolate in my imaginary chocolate shop.

And C is for carousel. With a buttmonster riding a C!

C is for Congruence, and up until last week being a chocolatier felt like the most incongruent thing possible, but maybe it isn’t. Maybe I’m wrong. I hope I’m wrong. I think I might be wrong.

C is for course, of course. And for changing course.

So many gorgeous things that come with C.

Spy-words, for one thing….

Like Code. I have a blog and it is written in code! Cryptograph. Contact. Cooperation. Counter-intelligence! Cipher.

Mmmmm, I love this one so much…are you ready for this? Casting. In all sense of the word.

Casting like roles. Casting like iron. Casting like spells. Casting like throwing away and releasing. Let us cast things. Let us cast things off and cast things away.

Oh, and another thing I love. Conviviality, a marvelous word — and superpower — that I will forever associate with Max!

She brought it to Rally (Rally!) a couple years ago, and I can still picture the way she said it with a gigantic smile, as if the very existence of the word was filling her with delight.

C is colors, all the colors! Including cerulean and crimson. C is for coloring in monsters.

Calling in begins with C.

Let’s call in some of the qualities that start with C.

Creativity. Calling. Counsel. Cadence. Calm. Courage. Clasping. Collaboration. Companionship. Community. Conductivity. Connection. Compassion. Communication. Counter-point. Canopy. Competence. Confidence. Courtship. Court! Containers. Containment. Contentment. Cradling. Comfort. Continuity. Commitment. Closeness. Cohesion. Catalyst.

C is cycles and crossing. Coasts and coasting. Caring and being cared for. Celebrating and being celebrated. Charms and feeling charmed.

C is change. C is Choice. C is Clarity. C is being cheered up. And cheering, in general.

C is 11 TIMES YAY!

C is the superpower of COMPLETION: every thing gets to the point it needs to get to so that I can move on to the next piece.

And another kind of C.

Right now, for me, C is for option C. The Third Way. The thing that is not A-or-B.

So possibly C is for Compromise? Or maybe the third way is something better than compromise.

For me this not-A-and-not-B is about possibility.

The C is a new and delightful way that I haven’t been able to see. It is a seeing — that I can’t C, or maybe a C I can’t see. But it is there. It is the hidden pathway.

And since there may be infinity-pathways, let C stand for:

Any pathway that is both desirable and available to me, but as yet unseen by me.

I want to believe in C! This is my wish.

And I want my C to seem accessible, not far-away or tooth-fairy-like. Not some distant wished-for miracle. An actual viable possibility. Not a ship that might come in some day. Something that is here.

C means: I can step onto the new pathway once I know it exists. Or, I can at least make a path from where I am towards C.

But the most important thing about C is that it exists.

Just because I haven’t thought of it it yet or found it yet does not mean that it is not there. It is there, waiting for me to remember it.

It is on the tip of my tongue. It is just around the corner. It is incoming. It is the other door opening when one closes. There is a world of C that wants me to open my eyes and my heart to it.

It is my sea. My C and my see and my sea!

It is already happening, I think.

Last week was Rally B, the second of this year’s Alphabet Rallies and the 27th ever Rally, I think.

I spent a lot of time with words that start with B, and I was on a reality show that wasn’t real, and I resolved my existential crisis, which was awesome.

And one of the things I learned was that Forgiveness has a silent B. That is, it has a silent BE.

The week of B turned out to be the week of BE.

I am convinced that everything at this week’s Rally — Rally C — will have a silent SEE. And possibly a silent SEA. It will be the week of seeing things I have not seen before.

I can’t wait to find out what that is like.

May it be so! And come play with me.

We can say words that start with C. We can sing C IS FOR COOKIE.

(That’s good enough for me).

If you want to whisper words or sound effects that appeal to you, go for it. If you want to share in any of qualities, you can. They work like the salves in the Friday Chicken: just take some, there is always more.

If you want to throw some superpowers into the pot for Rally, that is welcome.

Waving from the Playground! Whispering loving spells that begin with C, for myself, and for anyone who wants…

The Fluent Self