So I promised to tell you more about the spectacular projectizing Rally (Rally!) and then forgot.

The Rally (Rally!) was completely inspired by this post, which in turn was inspired by scooter rallies, and which I was inspired to write about because of my gentleman friend.

A rally, if you’re wondering, is several days of intense projectizing (working on your stuff and also on your stuff) at the Playground, my pirate-ey center of silliness and wonder. It was a wild zen rumpus of the best kind.

And despite the fact that we, the Rally-ers, could not decide what to call ourselves, we managed to have the most brilliant, hilarious time ever.

Rallying is now my new favorite thing, and I’m working on my 2011 calendar to make room for more rallies. In the meantime …

Some of the realizations people had while rallying.

And by people, I mean the Keepers of the Rally. The Rallyconteurs. The Rallyganders.

“That my project wants me to visit its different parts in a non-linear fashion, which was really surprising because that’s not how I do things. It’s time to bring in more non-linearity and this is exciting!”

“Not going online while projectizing is hugely beneficial. I knew this intellectually but this was experiencing it and everything is different now.”

“My project wants a letter written to it!

“My project is a sentient being that needs to be treated with respect, autonomy, love, reverence.”

“There’s a lot I’m not in charge of. And this is a good thing. Oh.”

“It is possible to keep working on your project even when there is a scary thing happening with it that you don’t understand.”

“Now I’m working with my project instead of on my project. This is so much better.”

“Biggification is connected to rest and play! Resting and playing! That’s how I’m going to biggify — not from pressure and urgency.”

Some of the fabulous superpowers we discovered we had.

We being the Rallions, of course.

Fast typing!

Clarity. Patience.


Focusing. Inspiration.

Victory dance!

Play. Rejoicing.

Closure. Completion.

Some of the actual things we got done.

We? The Rallyscallions of Doom. Each of whom I am now madly in love with.

Jesse got eighteen thousand words written on her novel.

And not just words but good words. Without the pressure, agony and abuse that can sometimes come with writing.

And Emmanuelle managed to get months of work done in our three days of rallying.

Someone showed a story that had never been shown.

Someone planned a world.

I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote. And planned the timetables, content, copy and everything else for our Week of Biggification in Asheville in November.

Some of the experiences with Rallying.

From — in Jesse’s words — the Rallyites! The Rally Cabal! The One True Order of the Rallions!

One person described experienced EXTREME FOCUSING after a long time of not having access to anything even remotely like it.

Someone else had laser clarity that lasted two whole days, and turned everything around.

One person talked about the experience of not forcibly silencing the body anymore, and what a difference that makes to Projectizing.

We were inspired like crazy. It was like mainlining pure undiluted inspiration.

Someone else talked about what it was like to experience productivity without struggle, strain, pushing … probably for the first time in her life.

One person wanted to have more of herself in her project, and discovered that this was less complicated than she’d imagined it to be.

Some of the ways our projects wanted to be put to bed at night.

Our projects! Or missions, if you don’t like the word “project”, which is fine by us.

One project wanted to sleep under the stars.

One project wanted to have a pillow and sleep at the Playground.

One project wanted songs sung to it all night.

One project wanted extra snuggling time.

One needed to eat something orange.

Mine now insists on being put to bed every night.

Quotes from the Rally.

“You can take the girl out of the Playground but you really can’t take the Playground out of the girl.”

“Shiva Nata is like falling off a really complicated log.”

Q: You see a Queen, Flowers, Ziggy Stardust & Shiva’s Horns sitting in a circle & the Pirate Queen walks in…where are you? A: The Rally.


Favorite bits from the Rally.

Some of what the Rally mice mentioned:

The mad epiphanies from Shiva Nata, of course.

The chronicling (my techniques for processing the process).

Having trusty companions.

Not feeling alone.

Blanket forts.

Dedicated time and space.

Getting things done that you didn’t even think you needed to work on.

And all the other incredible things that happen when you’re in a supportive environment with warm, loving, zany people.

That’s it for now.

Usually when I review an event I’ve done (like I did with the Destuckification weekend in North Carolina or the week of destuckifying in California), there’s all this stuff I have to say about the things that went horribly wrong.

Not with the actual event, of course. We always have a crazy great time, and everyone gets phenomenal results. That’s a given.

But with the planning. Administrative crises. Things costing more than expected. Crossed wires with the retreat center. Stuff like that.

I have nothing to say about the Rally that isn’t completely positive. This is new for me, and I’m enjoying it.

In terms of comment zen for today? I would love cheering and appreciation for the wonderful thing that is rallying. One day we will get you to a rally somehow.

Or I will come to Australia or whatever far-away place you are, and rallying will happen there.

In the meantime, adoration from me and much enthusiastic waving from the Playground (while wearing fairy wings that Cairene gave me yesterday, of course).

The Fluent Self