Fluent Self Item!A somewhat goofy mini-collection of stuff I’ve been reading, stuff I’ve been thinking about and oh, some completely random crap.

Basically the stuff that never gets mentioned here because I’m not the kind of person who can just make some teeny little point. Not into the whole brevity thing, as the Dude would say.

Actually, I’m under the strict compulsion to write ten pages about anything on my mind. So this is me. Practicing brevity.

Seriously? Wednesday?

I don’t get it. Especially since that seems to indicate that tomorrow might be Thursday and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Moving on. Items!

Item! Post No. 39 in a series that is apparently self-perpetuating, because people refuse to stop being cool, weird or interesting — or doing cool, weird, interesting things.

Item! You need a calendar, right?

Since I already spend way too much time in the online store of Leah Piken Kolidas online store, falling in love with her paintings, the news that yes, she did a calendar this year made me really, really happy.

I’m not even such a calendar person, but yes, it would be kind of nice to know what month it is. Or what day it is, for that matter.

And if I can see one of Leah’s gorgeous pieces each month (other than her painting that’s hanging in my hallway), life is good. So I ordered one and can’t wait to get it.

Here’s the coolest part.

If you pre-order the calendar by November 30th, she’ll do a personal drawing on your birthday square in the calendar.


She’s @leah_art on Twitter.

Item! Yup. The flexible umlaut!

This bit from the much adored Nancy Friedman made me laugh. And cringe.

I’m so her Right People. I’m also the person who recently couldn’t buy toothpaste because it had a ludicrous non-functioning aesthetically-horrifying umlaut in the name.

She’s @fritinancy on Twitter.

Item! This completely made my week.

Every once in a while I come across something by a complete stranger that’s about one of my products or something I’ve taught.

And it always makes me go whoooooaaaaaah, right. All these smart, interesting people are using this stuff and I don’t even know them.

“I know I’m not ‘fixed’, just like that. I know it’s something I’ll have to keep working on. But I know how to maintain this. I’m confident that things won’t be as bad as they were ever again.”

I thought this was a beautiful post about working with procrastination stucknesses. And I loved that she called the post Flow.

Item! The great Italian pizza fiasco.

This is from Cate’s Culturally Teaching blog.

It’s a great story. Man. Having lived in three countries, I probably have a thousand stories like that, all hastily repressed. And yeah, her point is a good one.

“But really, we only fail in such situations if we don’t learn something from them. And from this experience, I learned to be a cultural sponge, not a cultural hammer.”

Do you know Cate?

She’s @CateBrubaker on Twitter.

Item! You have to love a man who says Quindozillion.

Ah, the delightful William S. Randall. Who has been Itemized before.

Because it takes balls to have a tagline about turning your clients into zombies.

That is an enormous amount of human life flushed down the drain That is a huge opportunity. Because the eyeballs are there. Because people don’t have to be coaxed into watching video online like they did buying stuff online 10 years ago.

Keep reading.

I have no idea why he’s not on Twitter. Dude! Come hang out at the bar!

Item! A year of yarn. No, a year of yarn.

Come on, people who are busily making me fan-socks (the kind without toes and heels, please, so I can wear them while teaching yoga, thank you!).

You need more yarn, right? Gorgeous, gorgeous yarn.

And Tara the Blonde Chicken is still doing her yarn-subscription thing, but is only letting a few more people in before she goes crazy, as related in this funny, funny post called The Yarn Mail always Rings Twice.

“If your loved ones are asking you ‘What do you want for Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice/your birthday?’, here’s your answer: A Year of Yarn! If they’re not asking you, what’s wrong with them?

This is a particularly good test of just how close a “loved one” is: could you ask them for a Year of Yarn?

Or would they find that completely ridiculously crazy?

If they don’t blink an eye and instead say something like “Hmm…that’s 12 months of yarn for the price of 10, what a deal!”, you know have a keeper. Like, forever. If not already blood related – marry this person! Put yarn in your vows! Knit yourself a dress like this!”

She’s @blondechicken on Twitter.

Item! Flow charts never get boring.

My latest two (non-xkcd) favorites are:

Okay. And the xkcd flowcharts:

Item! Update from the land of the Peculiar & Hilarious Shivanauts!

The “peculiar and hilarious” thing comes from Melynda’s sweet bit about Butterfly Wishes.

This sweet, insightful piece from Thorin Messer is awesome. And he wrote it for me! I don’t think anyone has ever written a blog post for me.

Except, you know, ranty people who don’t like me. Which totally doesn’t count.

“When did this happen? When I was a kid, I didn’t give a shit about being good at stuff. What I liked, as a kid, I liked doing stuff. Anything. Totally wacky, goofy, even dumb stuff. Making useless, inane noises. Throwing my body around like I was a rag doll. I didn’t have to execute a perfect tango. I could jump up and down!”

He’s @thorinmesser on Twitter.

Item! Comments!

So it was really cool the other week when I got to work on my practice of how I ask for stuff and you guys gave me the best recommendations ever!

Here’s what I want this time:

  • Things you’re thinking about.
  • That song that won’t get out of your head.

My commitment.
I am committed to giving time and thought to the things that people say, and I will interact with their ideas and with my own stuff as compassionately and honestly as is possible for me.

Even though asking for what I want still feels awkward for me, I’m just going to remind myself that this is a thing I’m practicing.

That is all.

Happy reading.

And happy Blustery Windsday. See you tomorrow.

The Fluent Self