Fluent Self Item!A somewhat goofy mini-collection of stuff I’ve been reading, stuff I’ve been thinking about and oh, some completely random crap.

Basically the stuff that never gets mentioned here because I’m not the kind of person who can just make some teeny little point. Not into the whole brevity thing, as the Dude would say.

Actually, I’m under the strict compulsion to write ten pages about anything on my mind. So this is me. Practicing brevity.

Yep. Hi.

Item! Post No. 43 in a once-a-week series that makes more sense when you’ve been reading this blog for a while, or at least I hope it does.

Item! I’m not the only one who has issues with Thanksgiving.

You all know how I feel. And you read my list of 77 Things (that don’t completely suck).

Waverly Fitzgerald, favorite everything of mine, wrote a terrific, very thoughtful Thanksgiving Rant about seasons, family, meaning and other interesting things.

“If I say I have nothing planned, I am assumed to be an ‘orphan’ and in need of a family to take me in. If I say I am fixing dinner and my questioner has no plans, they will expect to be included.”

Worth reading.


The ever-hilarious Cairene wrote her own list of 77 lentils. And Christina wrote her list of 45 Things That Don’t Make Me Gnash My Teeth (based on how many pills there were in her bottle of Aleve).

And Amy from Barefoot Phoenix wrote a beautiful one too (and now I need to book it to Seattle to visit Helle which basically sounds like the best place in the entire world).


They’re on the Twitters: @waverlyfitz, @thirdhandworks, @toopretty4this, and @barefootphoenix.

Item! A marvelous interview

I am a fan of Susan Marie Swanson, who is a lovely, lovely person and who wrote The House In The Night, among other wonderful things.

This interview with her is a joy.

“Oh, let’s have Astrid Lindgren (1907-2002) over to the house for a soup supper and local beer–and then have friends and neighbors stop by for cake. Yes, let’s do that.”

I love the internet for so many reasons, but that it brought me and Susan Marie together is definitely way up there on my list of happy.

She’s @susan_marie on Twitter.

Item! The Ninja Text Generator!

Speaking of happy.

I don’t have much to say about this other than ohmygod, there is a ninja text generator.

Of course there is.

And yet I am decidedly relieved to know that it exists. Huzzah!

I’m pretty sure I got to this through Susan Marie too, though I could be wrong.

Item! A most excellent Very Personal Ad.

My collection of Very Personal Ads inspired by my wacky Sunday tradition is growing.

This one is just sweet.

Since her Right People are basically like mine, except that they think I’m kind of nutty.

“You might be one of Havi’s right people. Or, if you’re not, you probably could be, if she came with a little less woo, or if you’d heard of her before.”


She’s @williehewes on Twitter.

Item! Airport etiquette: is it a thing? I don’t know.

This stream-of-consciousness bit is from Karen, whom I met at Barbara Sher‘s retreat.

Karen is a total goofball, which is something I highly approve of. Reading this bit of slapstick puts her voice in my head again.

“I laughed (again – I seem to love to laugh on airplanes) and reminded him of the obvious: he hadn’t done a thing – I was the one who clumsily whacked my head.

Then I went to sit down – and whacked my head again. “

She’s @squarepegkaren on Twitter.

Item! To thine own self be true …

And other difficulties.

This is a piece about what happens when we let other people’s feedback decide what’s true for us.

“So I’ve been on a tear the last several months learning a tremendous amount of useful business information from a variety of experts, trying to learn and adapt and absorb as quickly as I can.

And suddenly, the other day, when I got so upset, I realized that somewhere along the way, I had relinquished my sovereignty, made my own opinion too secondary, and ended up looking for too much validation outside of me.”


She’s @Sarah_Bush on Twitter.

Item! Hurrah for the chicken. Hurrah for the egg.

A marvelous piece from Maira Kalman.

Hurrah for the egg indeed. Oh, this is beautiful.

Item! Tactical Nuclear Penguin!

That fabulously controversial Scottish brewery (BrewDog) has come out with what is apparently the world’s strongest beer. Alcohol content?


I used to work in a homebrew store many, many years ago. On our breaks, this is the kind of stuff we used to imagine happening in a far-off universe.

That’s not the point.

The point is that it’s called Tactical Nuclear Penguin.*

*Uh … it’s just one guy?

If that doesn’t make you happy, I honestly don’t know what will.

Hat tip to @beervana.

Item! I must have this.

But where would I get one?

Via @sockwalker on Twitter.

Item! Update from the land of the Peculiar & Hilarious Shivanauts!

The “peculiar and hilarious” thing comes from Melynda’s sweet bit about Butterfly Wishes.

I wrote about some realizations and epiphanies. Of the shivanautical variety. Notes from my practice. Fragments. Stuff.

Item! The retreat I haven’t announced yet is more than half full.

At least take a look before it sells out and I take the page down.

Because mmmm, pretty. Seven days of mad destuckification. Worthy of exclamation points.

Item! Comments! Here’s what I want this time:

  • Things you’re thinking about.
  • What I should be reading on the plane to Sacramento.

My commitment.
I am committed to giving time and thought to the things that people say, and I will interact with their ideas and with my own stuff as compassionately and honestly as is possible for me.

Even though asking for what I want still feels awkward for me, I’m just going to remind myself that this is a thing I’m practicing.

That is all.

Happy reading.

And happy Blustery Windsday. See you tomorrow.