I am thinking about a word and it starts with an A.

Actually, I am thinking about many words that start with A.

This is reminding me a bit of trying to figure out the real name of the Schmoppet, which might or might not begin with a C.

Is it Alabaster?


But that is a lovely word that begins with A.

And I am really into lovely words that begin with A. At least, this week I am.

Is it …Aardvark?

We used to sing this song at socialist summer camp. Probably it is sung at all summer camps?

It starts with an ‘A’ — Aardvark, Aardvark
And ends with a ‘K’ — Aardvark, Aardvark
Not easy to say — Aardvark, Aardvark
But try anyway — Aardvark, Aardvark
A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K — Aardvark!

There is a Voyage that begins with an A.

I am really into entry: preparing for a voyage.

The assumption here is that anything at all can be a voyage. Just like how anything can be a door or a home or a project.

And just as anything can be a voyage, anything can have qualities that define it, inform it, accompany it, infuse it with goodness.

We can call these the qualities of the voyage.

Qualities of the [Voyage that begins with an A] that begin with an A.

Well, some of them. Qualities and magic words.

  • Anchor
  • Allowing
  • Access
  • Appreciation
  • Anticipation
  • Activation… Activate!
  • Action
  • Adaptability
  • Acceptance
  • Alignment
  • Affection
  • Accessibility
  • Aspiration
  • Admiration
  • Ability
  • Awe
  • Assurance
  • Adventure
  • Ascent
  • Annoint
  • Attune
  • Availability
  • Alertness
  • Accompaniment
  • Abundance
  • Authority
  • Axis
  • Art
  • Amnesty
  • Agility
  • Attentiveness
  • Assertiveness
  • Authenticity
  • Autonomy
  • Adjustment
  • Agency (my current favorite, as a spy who is an agent who has AGENCY and also works for the Agency of Agency)

Not to mention the wonderful superpower of Asking and Answering. And the superpower of Arcs and Arks. Archways and Apertures.

And other fun A things. Like anagrams, alliteration, allegory, acronyms. Arabesques and acrobatics. And aardvarks.

Rallying around the A.

This week is Rally (Rally!), which is my favorite thing in the world.

It is the first Rally that we’ve had since April.

And the VERY first Rally of the Alphabet Carousel Rallies. It is the A of the Alphabet.

It is going to be amazing, because Rally is always amazing, but also because these Rallies are exceptionally amazing, and also amazing is a word I like that begins with A.

I will tell you later (sooner, I hope) about some of the specific things that are making these new Rallies extra-amazing, but for now I am going to delight in things that start with A.

I am going to wear the aspiration of Assertiveness. Not just that: I am going to ABSORB it. ASSERTIVENESS is going to be the secret mission of this Rally. It will be my Ambition. It will be the Ambience. I will be Alert to it.

I am going to apply additives. I am going to have an affair with an apple. I will ascertain and adjourn, acquire and acquiesce. According to the As.

It is just the beginning. Of the alphabet, and of all kinds of other things.

Play with me. How the commenting blanket fort works!

We can name things that begin with A.

We can enjoy these qualities and magic-words, or add more (addition, another wonderful word that begins with A!) of our own.

If you want to whisper-whoosh any qualities that appeal to you, go for it.

If you want to share in any of qualities, you can. They work like the salves in the Friday Chicken: just take some, there is always more.

If you want to throw some superpowers into the pot for Rally, that is welcome.

Waving from the Playground! Whispering loving spells that begin with A and A and A, for myself, and for anyone who wants…

The Fluent Self