This morning I accidentally caught the tail end of a radio interview while preparing for my day, which is a special day because I am at Rally (Rally!).

The guy being interviewed was a top athlete who hadn’t competed in several years. The interviewer asked if he expected to do well. If he thought he might win.

And he did. He was quite certain about it. And not only did he expect to win, but he planned to do it in grand fashion.

This phrase has been soaring in my heart all day.


I absolutely ADORE the idea of doing something in grand fashion.

What would my day look like if I expected things to happen in a grand fashion? Or if I took steps to make them that way?

This morning I was setting up for Glow Sitting (shhhh, secret agent code for meditating).

And instead of just plopping down on my cushion and lighting my candle, I set things up. In Grand Fashion!

I made a circle of colorful blocks — because I work at a Playground!

The cushion went in the center of the circle. I sang a song. With a Gigantic Flourish at the end, in grand fashion. There was tea waiting for me.

And so my meditation, while simple, was also… marked. It was adorned.

All sorts of things could be different if they happened in a grand fashion.

At least, that is my experiment.

What happens to say, taking a break to go to the bathroom, assuming you could take that break in a grand fashion?

What happens to a snack?

How do I approach Drinking A Glass of Water differently if today I’m going to do it in grand fashion?

There are no rules about how this works.

In Grand Fashion doesn’t mean that the thing itself has to be fancy, or that it has to happen with trills and flourishes.

It really means PRESENCE. And grace. And curiosity and excitement.

It means doing the thing I would do anyway, but knowing that I am completely committed to doing it with panache. To being fully in it.

Or doing the thing I think is not-special or not-meaningful in a way that reminds me that it is.

I am pretty sure that doing things In Grand Fashion will lead to delight and play. I’m pretty sure that I will discover things. And that all of this is related to preparing for the voyage.

But mainly there will be slightly more time and slightly more space.

I’m giving that to myself, but also to my choices and to my reactions. And not in a boring way either. I’m doing it in grand fashion.

And, as my fellow Rallions know, because we coded this into our morning Shiva Nata practice… bing wheee mmmm oooo presence, gotcha!

Play! And the commenting blanket fort.

You are welcome to experiment with me, to mess around with this and apply it in various ways. You could have your internal scientists take notes, if you like.

Otherwise I am also receptive to rejoicing and saying YAY for embellishments and extras. Oooh, you could even leave comments In Grand Fashion, if you so choose.

And of course it is always okay to take a silent retreat.

We all have our stuff. We’re all working on our stuff. We take care of ourselves by taking loving responsibility for our experience. We let everyone else have their experience. We make space for ourselves.

Love to the commenter mice, the Beloved Lurkers and everyone who reads.

The Fluent Self