Because it’s Friday AGAIN. And because traditions are important. In which I cover the good stuff and the hard stuff in my week, trying for the non-preachy, non-annoying side of self-reflection.

And you get to join in if you feel like it.

The hard stuff.

All the hard of this week happened while I was in Vancouver, where I spent half the week at Michael Port‘s Beyond Booked Solid seminar. The seminar was awesome. Incredibly so.

And I’d do it again in a second. It’s just that there was so much hard that came along with it.

Pain! Also in my body.

Ow! Brain pain brain pain.

I have insights pouring out of my ears right now. Total information overload, and there’s so much I want to start implementing that my gears are all spinning way too fast.

But even worse than my head overprocessing is when my body is underprocessing.

Sitting in a chair for nine hours makes me batty. BATTY! I didn’t know that.

Seriously, I’d never realized how often during my workday I stop to do mini-stretches or a bit of yoga or five minutes of Dance of Shiva. Not to mention my busy cat-napping routine and all the days that I decide it will be more fun to just work in bed.

All that excruciating sitting sitting sitting convinced me that working in a chair is a terrible way to go through life.

You know, my ex didn’t sit on a chair until he was six … because his father believed (and perhaps still does) that “chairs do bad things to human beings”, and didn’t allow them in the house.

Admittedly I always thought his father was mad as the proverbial hatter (what’s a hatter?). Have now officially changed my mind.

Loneliness is not having anyone to relate to.

The other twenty one people in the program were all very, very sweet and completely pleasant to be around.

At the same time, this was the longest amount of time I’ve ever spent with people who come from the corporate world, even if they’re no longer in it, and I totally felt like an outsider from planet wacky.

I’m used to being around people who don’t think it’s at all weird that I would bring a duck to a marketing seminar (c’mon, she’s my business partner) or that I actually am my fabulous quirky authentic self all the time and not just, you know, in the privacy of my own home or whatever.

So that was interesting. Selma hated it, and I just focused on finding the people I figured would be the most fun or the least not fun or something.

And tried to remember that there are people in the world for whom say … my chakra-based filing system is both shocking and bizarre. And that so what? It’s a big world.

I missed my sweetie.

Yes, well. It turns out that three and a half days without my gentleman friend is really way too long. Next time I’ll just fly him up with me. Or ferry. Or whatever.

It would be so worth it just to be able to sneak even little tiny doses of his smart, funny, loving awesomeness.

Now I’m back and can’t focus on anything because of being too distracted by how ridiculously perfect for me he is. Even Selma likes him.

The good-but-hard stuff.

No one is happy for my rockstar blog yet. Sadface.

Okay, so my blog’s Alexa ranking went down to 176,692.

Yes, I know. This is a good thing. A VERY good thing. So really it should not be in “the hard” or even in this fake in-between category that I just made up, and I might really have to also put it in “the good” where it actually belongs.

And if you’re up on Alexa rankings you’re either thinking Yay, Havi and Selma! Or you’re jealous as hell and you hate us for it. But you get it.

If you’re not — and most people aren’t — you really, really couldn’t care less.

Basically this is the equivalent of finding out you just won a million dollars and then remembering you live in a country where no one knows or cares what money is.

So I’m insanely happy and have like, maybe three people I know who can be happy for me.

I’ve great news, I want to share it, no one cares. Ugh.

The good stuff.

This week was all about good stuff.

My sweet Jane.

The whole Beyond Booked Solid seminar thing was actually kind of a ruse so I could go visit my friend Jane whom I love and adore.

This was only the third time we’ve seen each other in the last fifteen years, and one was her wedding, which doesn’t really count. She’s just one of my favorite people in the world, and I wish she had a website so I could amaze you with her overwhelming fabulousness.

Dream come true? OMG yes.

I’m almost afraid to type this because it’s so ridiculously cool that I’m going to have to cry, but here’s my big news.

The amazing Jennifer Louden actually wants me to teach my Emergency Calming Techniques and my wacky yoga brain training work at her super-famous Writer’s Retreat Spa thing in Taos, New Mexico this summer.

Now called the Luscious, Nurturing Get Your Writing Done while Laughing Your Butt Off and Maybe Crying a Little Too Writer’s Retreat.

You’ll hear more about this as it gets closer, but let’s just say that this is a heart-wish of mine that is up and come to life.

Jen is an incredible person, and not just because she’s been on Oprah, written a gazillion books, and helped thousands and thousands of people do wonderful work on themselves. She’s bright and caring and inspired, and I really don’t have a good way to explain how special she is — so just take my word for it.


My new catchphrase!

The real star of my trip to Vancouver was a new cafe to add to my favorite-cafes-around-the-world list.

You’ll read about it more this coming week, as I’ve already written a post that features it in the starring role, but the highlight of my week was when I stumbled in, tired and cranky after a long day of seminar-izing.

The owner (cute, middle-aged Italian man) gave me the biggest grin ever and sang out, “Are you having a glorrrrrrrrrious day?”

It’s even better in an Italian accent. And the truth is, you cannot maintain any sort of bad mood when someone asks you if you are having a glorrrrrrrrrrious day. You absolutely have to crack up laughing and admit that if you weren’t before, you certainly are now.

Of course (as my clients and the poor people in the Non-Icky self-promotion for people who hate self-promotion course know), now I cannot stop saying this to anyone and everyone.

In a disastrous imitation of an Italian accent. And then giggling uncontrollably.

That’s it for me ….

And yes, absolutely join in my Friday ritual if you feel like it and/or there’s something you just want to say out loud too.

Yeah? What was something hard and/or good that happened in your week?

And of course: will you have a glorrrrrrrrrrrrious weekend? I wish it for you. And a glorrrrrrrrrrious week to come.

Ooh, wait, I have a QUESTION!
My designer is making me a graphic for this Friday ritual post thing. So do we want to keep calling it the RoundUp (hmm, cowboy theme?) or do we want this to be the (um, chicken theme?) Weekly Check-in?

Whaddya think?

The Fluent Self