I’ve been on a mission to find one thing in each day and make it slightly less sucky.

Not big, meaningful, important things.

It’s more like finding some small bit that’s grating or jangling. And then removing it.

Replacing, rewriting, adjusting, deleting, translating it. Easing friction in some form.

It’s a form of play.

It forces me to think in terms of what Hiro calls perfect simple solutions:

What’s a playful, creative, possibly-elegant way to turn this thing I don’t like into something I don’t mind, don’t notice, or maybe even kind of enjoy?

Like this one.

I get spam phone calls on my cell phone from the same two numbers. Several times a day.

Being on the Do Not Call list doesn’t help. Reporting the evil little bastards doesn’t help. They ring all the time and I get annoyed each time and then I end up turning off my phone for days or even weeks, which also doesn’t help.

Last week I gave the spammy numbers the most relaxing ringtone I could find. And I named them.

Now when I hear beautiful bells ringing, I look at my phone and it says:

Breathe! No response necessary.

It’s a reminder to pause (paws!). And that not everything requires a response, which is useful.

These reminders are even better because past-me planted them for Slightly Future Me, and now here I am.


Anyway, I’m starting to think that everything that annoys me has some sort of counterpart — the not-as-evil twin? — that doesn‘t annoy me. Or is even kind of pleasant. Kind of useful.

So I’m looking for the places and patterns in my life (physical stuff, systems issues) that need attention.

Anything that is half-working but half-falling-apart. And I’m looking for the silliest and most unlikely ways to turn those things around.

And when I can’t find creative solutions, I do Shiva Nata on it until something comes up.

But not all at once.

One thing each day.

I’m not necessarily changing anything right away.

Just identifying what sets me off. Taking notes on what I react to, how I react and how it feels.

And then thinking about what I want to see, hear, feel, perceive, experience instead.

One thing.

Kind of like the do just one thing thing or the do ten things thing. Thing-thing!

Play? Brainstorming party?

One thing you want to experiment with.

One thing you’d like to turn around and find the counterpart for.

Or a bunch of things. Or just a giant Where’s Waldo doppelgänger-finding party.

As always: we all have our stuff. We’re all working on our stuff. We let people have their own experience and we don’t give each other unsolicited advice. Though of course if you want help and ideas from the other commenter mice, ask away.

And if someone would make me a virtual cup of throat-soothing tea, I would appreciate that. I might kind of be losing my voice and that sucks because today is Rally (Rally!).

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