Everything ends. It is true.

And. That is not the only truth that starts with E.

There are many truths that begin (and end) with E.

Effort and effortlessness.

They are twins, did you know?

Sometimes the thing that is needed is EFFORT. Showing up. Putting some heart in it, as my imaginary personal trainer would say.

And sometimes the thing that is needed is EFFORTLESSNESS. Releasing expectations, softening, letting the thing that is happening just happen in the way that it happens to be happening in this moment.

They go really well together, effort and effortlessness.

A lot of people try to make one of these their modus operandi.

I find, for me, everything works a lot better when I call on both.

Though often just remembering this, never mind doing it, is a challenge. For me.


Another truth of life is that we cannot always see progress. We mostly cannot see progress.

That’s because it’s happening under the surface.

Truth of life. Here’s another one: things can take time to emerge, and we don’t always know how long (or how miraculously quickly, in some cases) that will be.

So we think we’re procrastinating when actually what is happening is percolating.

We think we are late or behind or not good enough or avoiding, when actually we are emerging. The thing that is coming is emerging.

We turn emergence into emergencies. We think something is terribly wrong because we can’t see “results”, and then we panic. The results are emerging.

Guilt makes it hard to see what is emerging. Letting things take their time makes it easier.

This is sometimes called experimenting, and sometimes it is called embracing, two words that begin with E.

Also known as “it is easier to change course if I am not blaming past-me for the current course”.

So many beautiful things that begin with E.

I want to write about all of them.

About Echoing and Efficiency. Emptying and Exploring.

Effervescence. This might be my favorite word ever.

Expanding and Experimenting. Ease and Easing.

Eliminating. Exulting. Expecting. Evaporating. Energizing. Evolving.

Endlessness. Experience. Editing. Efficacy. Expansiveness.

Exuberance and Extravagance. Excitement and Enthusiasm.

Equality. Enough and Enoughness. Evenness. Empathy. Endurance. Efficiency.

Edges. Which are boundaries (B) and containers (C) and dance (D). And also Assertiveness (A).

Elegance, and elegant solutions. Elements. Expanding elements.

And epiphanies.

E is for Entry. And also for Exit.

Embarking, a beautiful word that starts with E.

Conscious entry: preparing for the voyage and saying hello to what is coming.

Intentional exit: thank you, thing that was.

This is important, because everything ends.

And, also:

Everything Ends. It really does.

Everything ends, dies, reconfigures. And this is okay. This is the way of things, and it is okay. Sometimes it hurts so much. And it is okay. It hurts and it is okay. It is not okay and it is okay.

The hurting ends too.

Ends, dies, reconfigures, changes shape, becomes new.

Endings are doors, and so they are also openings.


I was talking to Incoming Me (aka slightly wiser me) last week about this summer, when everything was disintegrating.

Everyone kept saying how when one door closes another one opens. Or that god doesn’t close a door without opening a window. I wanted to kick them all in the shins.

She said, “It’s the order that’s wrong. It isn’t that one thing closes and then another opens. It’s this: the opening you automatically head towards needs to shut now so that you can see the opening that is better for you, which is currently invisible to you, because you haven’t been paying attention.”

I don’t know if this is true. It feels true in the context of the specific thing that happened this summer, and I can feel that truth spreading through my body. It is warm and expansive, and it echoes.

Everything ends, and nothing is wrong. Everything ends and it is my job to pay attention to right-now so I can see the beautiful beginnings that I hadn’t even noticed were already here.

May it be so! And come play with me.

This week is Rally (Rally!), my favorite thing in the world, and it is Rally E, full of things that begin with E. And it is also American Thanksgiving aka Hermitsgiving (for me), and it is also Hannukah. So it is kind of a big week.

It will require Effort and Effortlessness. Emptying and Emergence. (I am smiling at this one because as my Year of Emptying and Replenishing heads inexorably towards its own ending, I am looking warmly towards the coming year, which will be the Year of Emerging and Receiving).

If you want to drop some wishes in for yourself for this week or this year, you are welcome to.

If you want to whisper words or sound effects that start with E, go for it. If you want to share in any of qualities, you can. They work like the salves in the Friday Chicken: just take some, there is always more.

If you want to throw some superpowers into the pot, that is welcome.

Also, Agent White pointed out that Good Es sounds like Good Ease, and goodies. So there’s that.

Waving from the Playground! Whispering loving spells that begin with E, for myself, and for anyone who wants…

The Fluent Self