The thing with projects is that they often like to talk.

When you’re willing to show up and buy them a beer.

And by project, I mean that mysterious thing that is anything at all that you’re working on or playing with. Anything you care about.

It could be the next chapter in your novel. It could also be remembering to put on lip balm. It could be making a change in your business. It could be having a happier relationship with getting up in the morning. It doesn’t matter. A thing that you are in relationship with. That’s your project.

Anyway, I’m a big fan of interviewing projects to see what they know.

And today I’m collecting interview questions.

Here are mine. These are the questions I generally ask a project:

I ask one or two of these in a very casual sort of “hey, project! what’s up?” sort of way, and I bring snacks!

  • What do you need, project?
  • Anything you want to tell me?
  • What do you wish I knew?
  • What are some of your superpowers?
  • Do you have thoughts on resources and allies that can help us?
  • Can you tell me why you chose me as your partner for this?
  • What would help you trust me more?
  • What would help you feel safe, supported and loved?

Play! Let’s come up with some more.

It seems like it might be useful to have a shared library of possible interview questions.

So if you have any or would like to invent some, go ahead and add yours here.

You can also use any of my questions or anyone else’s as a Stone Skipping, and talk to your project that way. Here in the comments or on your own.

As always, usual comment blanket fort zen applies:

We all have our stuff. We’re all working on it. We take loving responsibility for our experience here (and everywhere). We make this a safe space by not giving each other advice or telling each other how to feel.

I’ll start!

It’s a little early for beer but I am going to invite my project for today to join me for breakfast. I wonder if it likes pancakes.

Postscripting! Come to a Rally (Rally!) and turn all your projects into enthusiastic friends. The kind who adore you. And who buy you beer. January is sold out but we have two or three February spots still open. 2011 prices good for another 2 weeks.

The Fluent Self