• when I talk about fun-brewing, that’s what most people call fundraising (but more fun).
  • The barn going up here is the delightful and kooky Playground.
  • I’m not actually having a baby. Metaphor!
  • Selma is my duck.
  • If you’re only going to click on one link in this post, this is the one!

The stucknesses come to visit!

So. One of things about bringing a tiny sweet thing into the world is this:

There’s pretty much no way to avoid running into every piece of stuck you’ve ever had.

This is not really news. Big, crazy, transformational experiences bring stuff up.

And it’s pretty hard to successfully biggify something without mindfully working on your stuff and untangling some patterns.

Not resolving your stuff or anything like that. Just giving it some attention.

So the past several months from dreaming up the Playground to whooshing it into existence to today have been kind of intense.

Some of the stuff I’ve run into:

All my monsters. All my fears. And every possible form of internal uncertainties. Including:

  • the you’re not allowed to actually have something you want or the world will fall apart wall
  • the nothing works rule
  • the no one cares about your thing anyway monster (and his older cousin the how can you be such a selfish bitch monster)
  • an internal you have to go it alone or else rule that I didn’t even know about
  • and every trust-related stuck I’ve ever had.

Some of what I’ve been using to work on this stuff:

  1. Doing Shiva Nata to spark epiphanies about what’s really going on.
  2. Writing Very Personal Ads and love letters to help me sort out what I need while finding and opening the Playground.
  3. Talking to my walls and putting on plays inside my head.
  4. Using negotiators and other helper mice.
  5. Every single tactic in the monster manual and coloring book.
  6. Going back to the Book of Me to make sure that I’m taking care of myself. And adding things to the Dammit List.
  7. Talking to fairy godmothers like Hiro and Pam and the amazing group leaders who make my Kitchen Table program so great.
  8. Extreme wackiness.
  9. Going for long walks with Selma.

Some of what I’ve been learning:

  • When I make it fun, everyone has fun (and even though my monsters think this is a terrible thing to value, bringing joyfulness to the world is a legitimate pursuit).
  • Letting your people help and be a part of the fabulous things you’re doing is good for you and it’s also good for them.
  • Basically, everyone wins when I get over my need to do everything on my own.
  • Burnout is full of usefulness.
  • Pirate monkey meditation cushions are totally appropriate and I am not a disgrace to the yoga world from whence I came. It is okay to bring on the silly.

Some of the fun that is happening at the Playground!

We’re setting up a room to be the Angel Refueling Station.

This is something I got from Fabeku — he was saying something about how even angels have to refuel sometimes.

And we said, ohmygod there should be a place for that. So we invented this imaginary space where you go to chill out when things suck. With blankets. And tea. And whiskey.

So there’s going to be a purple hammock. And pirate cushions.

And the best curtain policy in the entire world.*

* Drawn curtain = leave me alone please. Half-drawn curtain = I want to be alone but I won’t mind if you comfort me. Open curtain = I’m needing a moment but please come give me a hug.

Pirate monkey meditation cushions!

We’re arranging for lots of useful supplies and toys for Old Turkish Lady yoga and the punk rock Shivanauttery.

And all in the spirit of the Playground:

Whimsy, Joyfulness, Chaos, Order, Hilarity, Power and Badassery.

And Play. Because of course it’s all about the playing. And the grounding.

The ship’s wheel.

Since my business is a pirate ship, we’re getting a ship’s wheel.

Like the circle of fire that frames the Nataraj. Because dancing the dance of destruction is seriously BADASS. Which is kind of what we’re going for.

And of course we wanted a wheel that had history (not a reproduction) so searching for the one has been way too much fun.

The Costumery!

Because costumes do amazing things. And because we totally have to dress up.

Or at least have the opportunity to put on costumes should we want to.

The barn-raising part! Or: how you get to play with us.

So it’s a barn-raising but with monkeys and no barn. And a pirate duck.

We are starting Phase Two of the Fun-Brewing today. Huzzah!

Here’s how it works.

We’re opening in ten days.

We’re going to need a floor. And to order those pirate monkey meditation cushions. And to have fun and be joyful and goof off, because that is part of how this works.

Everyone gets to be a helper mouse.

And everyone who helps gets a present.

Let me repeat that with appropriate typographical emphasis:

Everyone gets to be a helper mouse.

And everyone who helps gets a present.

Even if the only thing you can donate right now is love and good wishes. Because that counts too.

For all the ways you can give…

And for all the neat things you get as a thank you:

–> you can take a look at the Phase 2 Fun Brewing madness page.

And then come and rejoice with me in the comments, if you like.

Because eeeeeeeeee! And yay! And this is really happening!

And thank you.

You being a part of this makes everything better.

The Fluent Self