So. I tend to talk quite a bit here about flying shoes.

Well, about destuckifying when those shoes are hurtling towards you.

And also about the relationship between shoe throwing and sovereignty.

If none of this is making sense …

Shoe-throwing = people saying hurtful things out of nowhere.

Sovereignty = the state of not giving a damn what people think … because you are the king or queen of your mental and emotional space.


Now we have a chance to talk about this some more.

About once a year Selma (my duck) and I teach one class that’s open to the public.

It’s called the Habits Detective call.

And here’s how it’s completely different from all of our other classes:

No charge. No prerequisites.

The subject/theme is always generally related to destuckification and rewriting patterns, but other than that … pretty much up for grabs.

And this time I thought it could be good to go a bit more in-depth into the whole shoe thing.

Stuff we might cover.

Oh, things like what to do when you get hit by what you perceive to be a giant shoe … but the other person involved doesn’t get that you’re in pain.

Or what to do when someone you love is convinced they’ve just had the biggest shoe ever thrown at them, but you’re positive that it wasn’t even slightly meant to be a shoe.

Dealing with criticism (external and/or internal).

Or anything else even slightly related to this that you want to talk about.

Things you should know about this call.

  1. This is a teleclass which means it happens over the phone.

    If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, there’s a page on what a teleclass is and one on general protocol stuff.

  2. You do have to sign up for it to get the phone number and access code.

    This is not to put you on a marketing list because that’s not my thing.

    Actually, I don’t even have one. Not having one is on my dammit list. Asking people to sign up helps my pirate crew track the interest level and make administrative pirate-ey decisions based on that information.*

    *Though if you’re wishing there were a “hey, Havi’s doing a thing” list, there is a small, private one that you can sign up for on the events page. I announce something maybe every few months.

  3. The call is THIS TOOZDAY (that’s March 2nd, 2010) at 1pm Pacific.

    We usually go about an hour.

  4. If you’ve signed up for the call, you will be sent a link to the recording, assuming the technology gods are on our side.
  5. If you have a question you’d like to see covered in the call, go ahead and leave it in the comments section of this post. Thanks!
  6. The purpose of class is not to pitch stuff. I won’t be mentioning products or programs that I do. It’s for us. To hang out and learn together.
  7. We usually get a few hundred (smart, interesting, sweet, goofball) people signing up for these. Fun!

That’s it!

Uh huh.

Shoes! And what to do about them.


You can sign up for it here and that will give you a. access to the call and b. a link to the recording when it’s up (within a day or two of the call).**

** Note: Anyone who emails my pirate crew asking if there will be a recording or when it’s going to be up will probably have to walk the plank.

And again, if you have questions for the call or stuff you want to make sure we cover, leave it here in the comments so I know where to find it.

Monday we’ll have the weekly Very Personal Ad, and then, who knows, maybe I’ll get to talk to you on Toozday. Yay! Looking forward.

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