If you’re only going to read one permission slip today — But why would you do that? Read all the permission slips! It’s fun! — I would go with this one.

I wrote this for myself. But you can have some too.

That is the magic of permission. There is absolutely no way that you could possibly diminish my supply of it by desiring permission for yourself as well. It is an infinite source.

Permission to take time.


Permission to take my time in any situation I need to take more time in, without having to know why or how much, without the taking of time being perceived in any way as negative.

If, for example, I need to pace around the room thinking thoughts and more thoughts before I sit down to do [X], that is allowed.

Yes, even if it takes 45 minutes. Even if it doesn’t feel like entry, guess what, it can also be entry.

If I can’t write copy for a thing until I can again, that taking of the time is ALLOWED and even good. Take it!

If I know a thing needs to end but I don’t yet have words to put the ending in place, I can take my time and wait for the words instead of thinking I’m a horrible person for not ending it the minute I realized it needed to end.

That is okay.

If I thought I needed four days to quiet my mind and reach a decision but actually I need more, then I need more. More time can be taken! Monsters who think that this time is endless are wrong, and they can consult the records on that account.

And this as well!

Guess what?

If I have passed all personally-imposed deadlines on a thing that is important, then those were not the right deadlines.

Clearly I need more time and that more-time is a big deal, so I can have that time to figure out what is useful about taking the extra time. There is time. There is something in there and I am allowed to want more time to find it.


I feel strongly about this.

And if I could put it all on a popsicle stick, I would.

But: permission. And more permission.

The commenting blanket fort and how it works!

But first: a story. I wrote this permission slip for myself two weeks ago. Not really believing it 100% but wanting to so badly.

And I want to tell you guys that me-from-two-weeks-ago was right about everything. Everything.

If you would like to play, here are things that are welcome. You could invent your own permission slips, you could leave smiles or things that were sparked for you, you could rejoice in all the rejoicings, you can go on silent retreat!

The one thing we don’t do is tell other people how to be, feel or think. And the one thing we always do is take responsibility for our stuff when it comes up.

Love, as always, to the commenter mice, the Beloved Lurkers and everyone who reads.