Everything is connected. At least, theoretically.

And even if it isn’t, we can pretend (or assume) that within the world of you and your you-ness:

Connections are everywhere.

This comes in handy whenever things get overwhelming. Or when your to-do list is seventeen million miles long.

Look at the garden.

It’s a beautiful garden. It’s the place where all your projects, hopes, possibilities, things that might happen and gwishes are growing.

But there are way more things growing in this space than you could ever possibly tend to.

Sometimes it seems like there isn’t any point in taking care of any of these flowers, when taking care of one means abandoning all the others.

Luckily, these are fractal flowers.

Also possibly magical. I’m not really sure how it works.

Here’s what happens.

You just decide.

Every time you lovingly, intentionally do one caring thing for one flower, something about that act and the process is secretly working to nurture and support the other ones.

Even the most sloppy, half-assed splashing of water in one corner counts. Fractal magic.

And so you keep doing just one thing.

Any thing at all, really. Just one thing.

Today I will not be able to accomplish the shocking number of things that are asking for my attention.

But each piece will count. And somehow it is helping the entire garden.

Getting the Playground ready for the cleaning crew will somehow — symbolically or otherwise — help clear out my head as well.

Buying a toothbrush will somehow do something for the upcoming Rally (Rally!).

Walking briskly around the block will somehow lead me to a clue which will reveal the insight that will make this weekend’s workshops better than they ever could have been.

Time with clients will activate underground creative processes and I have no idea what that will lead to but for sure it will end up being good for everything else in the garden.

So I don’t have to do everything.

Even though the urgency monsters say that actually I do.

One thing at a time.

Each thing activating, untangling, supporting and helping all the other things.

Even if I can’t see it or feel it. Even if it’s underground.

I’m going to let the fractal flowers do the real work, and I will do what I can, in the way that I can. Trying to trust that every piece counts.

Play with me? Thank you.

The Fluent Self